Thursday, August 20, 2009

gag me

today i took a shower.

*pause for applause*

yes, i'm quite proud of myself too, seeing as that didn't happen for me yesterday...


anyway, towards the end of my shower i couldn't help but notice the nice little pool of water i was standing in. drat. the drain probably needs to be declogged from the massive amount of hair that falls out of my head, i thought to myself.

and then the thoughts continued in my head: man that really grosses me out. i can't stand to pulling hair out of drains. it makes me want to throw up. oh i almost did throw up that one time when ben said he had a present for me and he proceeded to show me what looked like a living creature made of hair, soap scum, etc. that he pulled out of the shower drain. that was so mean of him. i hope he'll declog the drain again so that i won't have to. i would probably end up throwing our little plastic drain declogger right in the trash with the gobs of hair. i am NOT gonna touch the gobs of hair...

[side note: this is also my thankful thursday. because i am so thankful that ben will declog the drain for me...]

so as i was standing in the shower thinking about how gross drain hair is (well, hair in general. you know, when it's not on your head where it was made to be.), i got to thinking about all the things that make me gag.

and i knew you all would be dying to know too.

so here's my list of the top ten things that make me want to puke:

10. the thought of eating sushi.

9. the smell of sulfer

8. spoiled milk. apparently not chocolate milk though!

7. slimy food particles in the dishwater.

6. other babies' poopy diapers. (i'm SO glad i don't work in the baby nursery at church!)

5. seeing kids chew on paper.

4. the thought of having my eye poked out.

3. having anything in my mouth for too long. gum, pen, keys, etc. there comes a point where i will start gagging on it. (too bad it didn't work with chocolate. or ice cream...)

2. dryer lint. i couldn't touch the stuff until i had kids! and it still grosses me out to touch it.

1. hair!! hair in drains. hair in food. hair in my mouth (refer to #3.) stray hairs in the shower. globs of hair in dust bunnies. seriously, they all make me gag!

ahh, now i will be able to sleep better knowing that you now know what gags me...

and hey if you like reading lists and/or making lists, stop by sara's blog and check out top ten thursday!


Heather said...

i TOTALLY have to agree with you on the hair thing. i can't stand hair. i think my feelings were completely confirmed the time i found a hairball, not a strand mind you, in my Pepsi at a restaurant. Also the reason I have to check my drink... oh, i can't even type it. i'm reliving it and starting to gag! ICK!

Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

Are you and me like long lost sisters or something?

I think I pretty much agree with every single one of these. While you were talking about the soap scummy hair in the drain, i could feel a gag coming on... literally I am not even making this stuff up.

And when I read #10 the sushi... oh ya gagging just thinking about it. I just don't understand how people can do that... not only does the actual food gross me out but the fact that you shove the entire thing in your mouth at once.. ya I can't talk about it anymore.

I once ate a bowl of cereal with slightly bad milk and i wanted to puke the whole time. i know, i should have stopped eating it but i was so hungry and there were no alternatives.

slimy food particles = worst nightmare. i cannot touch anything like that or even look at it. greg does all of that and i refuse to watch him when he has to dig in the sink drain for something that might break the garbage disposer... it makes me want to gag and not hold his hand for a week (same with the soap scummy hair).

anything that has to do with eyes grosses me out. greg has had two eye surgeries and i cannot let myself think about them (the details of it)or i WILL vomit.

and along those same lines, i always hear people say that if you are being attacked by someone you (of course) kick/punch them where it counts and dig your fingers in their eyes and poke em out. i have thought way too much about this. and every time i want to vomit at the thought of putting my fingers in someone elses eyes far and hard enough to poke them out. i don't know if i could do it so i am just going to have to hope that kicking em where it counts works enough.

and with that, i will end this ridiculously long comment. sorry.

Ace said...

Agree with the hair. So nasty.

A day in the Life... said...

Dryer lint? LOL

Zeemaid said...

okay.. I 'm with you on your entire list but have to add kitty litter... shudders.

Great list!! Great topic!

Laura said...

I totally agree with you on the hair thing, yuck!! I don't understand how people make a living touching other people's hair! Also, #4 made me laugh! I guess when I actually think of poking me eye out, it is pretty gross! :)

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Two things. First, dryer lint is a weird thing to gag over. Second, quit bragging about not being in a baby nursery! :P