Monday, August 17, 2009

not me! monday

monday is here! time for not me!

on friday morning i did NOT realize that samantha had a birthday slumber party to go to... that afternoon! i did NOT call the mom and make sure she could still come, quickly pack her bag, and go shopping for a gift. when i dropped her off at her first friend sleepover i was NOT a tiny bit sad that she was growing up!

you know that well known phrase, no shirt, no shoes, no service? well this weekend i did NOT try out the no shoes part. on saturday morning i went to pick up samantha from her friend's house and took my flip flops off at the door. 3 minutes later when we went to leave there was only one flip flop by the door. my friend's dog had taken off with it and chewed it up and slobbered all over it. so instead of driving all the way home to get different flip flops, we did NOT go to target to buy some new ones. i did NOT walk barefoot all the way from the back of the parking lot and all through the store to the shoe section. i did NOT feel like such a dork, and i did NOT feel like i was wearing a huge lit up sign that said hey people, look at my feet--i'm not wearing any shoes! i did NOT quickly find a replica pair of my chewed up flippy flops and proceed straight to the checkout. i told the cashier i didn't need a bag because they were going right on my feet. when she hesitated and asked if i was not wearing shoes i was NOT worried that she wouldn't let me buy them because of the whole no shirt no shoes policy. but thankfully she laughed about my story and completed the transaction! the best part about this? the flip flops were NOT on clearance! ahhhh... i do NOT love target!

being the good mom that i am, i let samantha have chocolate milk for lunch yesterday. i did NOT grab a used cup off of the counter that had a trace of chocolate milk from the day before and poured some milk in. i took a drink of it, and it tasted a bit funny. i figured it was the dirty cup, so then, being the even more good mom that i am, grabbed a clean cup for her and gave her the milk. later, after the kids were in bed, ben went to the fridge to get a drink. he grabbed the chocolate milk jug and ask, "hun, is this milk still good? the expiration date is the 11th..." he did NOT then open the milk and take a big old whiff of spoiled rotten chocolate milk!.... that i did NOT give to samantha earlier.... which is still NOT sitting on the counter to be disposed of.... ugh. next time i'll check the date!

this weekend has NOT been a bad sleeping weekend for ry. on friday he did NOT take a 5 minute nap. and yesterday he did NOT cry/scream for the first 2 hours of his nap, finally fall asleep for 20 minutes, then wake up and cry for another 40 minutes before i finally got him up...

today is NOT our anniversary... every year it seems like i nag and nag ben asking him if he wants to do anything to celebrate. last night i was NOT having a crabby, pms-y attitude (note that this was right after ryan's screaming crying 20 minute nap. i deserved to be crabby, people), and decided that this year i was not going to mention anything about our anniversary. if we did anything, it would have to be ben's doing. so this morning when ben got up for work he did NOT wake me up with a kiss and tell me happy anniversary (yea!). and then he did NOT tell me he was gonna see if his mom could watch the kids tonight so we could go out to dinner or something (bigger yea!)! thank you ben! and happy anniversary hun! and for the record, after a good night's sleep for ryan (and me!) i am NOT in a much better mood this morning!

happy monday everyone! stop by mckmama's blog to join in on the fun!


Heather said...

Happy Anniversary! YAY Ben! Way to go! Hope you have a great day and that your supply of flip flops is completely replenished so you don't have to suffer any more humiliation! :)

Julia said...

happy anniversary!! too funny about the Target incident. you are BRAVE!!!

Ashley said...

gotta love target!

Happy Anniversary (again)! Yay for Ben! Don't you just love it when they think of things all on their own without the nagging? Greg always tells me he is going to plan something special for this or that and then he gets home and says "I don't know, what do you want to do?" drives me insane because I get so excited about him planning something on his own!

Hope you guys have a super awesome time tonight!!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Happy anniversary!! And yay for Ben!!

Oh, the milk. I always check the date because I think milk smells bad no matter how fresh it is. Although I'm definitely getting better at identifying the rotten smell, after leaving a few ounces of milk sitting in a sippy cup overnight - more than once.

I mean, of course I would NOT do such a thing!

Ace said...

YAY! Happy anniversary! Hope you got a date night!

Sonya said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope that you have a wonderful time on your date. Can't wait to hear what you did. YUCK!! about the milk! EWWWWWWWWWW!!