Saturday, August 15, 2009

wordless week: update

i finally have an update on our neighbor, M, and her three kids. from this side of our shared wall it unsurprisingly seems like it has been a rollercoaster week for them.

we were able to finally chat with M and her 15 year old daughter J this morning. they have either been gone most of the week or had family over. M has some good moments, and then some really hard times. she has probably been so busy that her grief hasn't totally caught up with her yet. J has been able to sleep a little more; her 6 year old, M, seems a little scared that the three men have not been caught; and her 2 year old, B, puts her hands up and cries like she's looking for her daddy to hold her; however they all seem to be doing quite well despite the circumstances.

they were a culturally mixed family: she is from the U.S. and he was from honduras. he has some family living close in the area as well as family still living in honduras. so there have been some differences regarding the place of burial, cultural traditions in preparing the body, as well as customary practices pertaining to the actual funeral.

some issues have been resolved, however there is still not a date for the funeral. M is anxious to lay him to rest, but they are still waiting for some family to arrive and some differences to be resolved.

thank you for your prayers (one of the specific requests on my facebook page has been answered!) and please continue to pray for everthing to be worked out and that they would be able to move forward with life and start healing.

here is a link to the interview M did with our local new station the other day:

and the article that was in the paper:


Ashley said...

Praying hard for your neighbors. I hope they are able to get things worked out for the arrangements soon!

mrosev14 said...

Hello there, I popped over here from ^ Ashley's blog. :)

That is such a terrible story, how sad for that family. They are in my prayers that they get everything worked out and can find some peace in their lives following this tragic incident.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I am so sorry that this happened to your neighbors (and you) it is such a heartbreaking thing. Thanks for the link. I'm praying!