Wednesday, August 19, 2009

wedding mishaps

my bloggy friend ace is hosting wedding mishaps today. and this comes at a perfect time, seeing as it was our anniversary on monday. what an opportune moment to reminisc about the good & not so good events that took place 7 years ago!

at first i was having a hard time coming up with mishaps. all i could think of was crying bawling in the bathroom at mcdonalds 2 days before the wedding because my mom told me we were going to have lemonade at the reception. lemonade. i was crying my eyes out about LEMONADE!! (remember that mom?!) now i look back and laugh equally as hard about it as i remember crying! and i realize i was maybe a slight bit stressed and a tad bit more PMSy!

but as i went through today, thinking back to that day, a few things came to mind.

morning of the wedding: our reception was going to be outside at a park with a big white tent (without sides) for everyone to sit under (the tent was going to be right next to a pavilion where the food and cake were going to be). so that morning my parents and some other people were getting stuff set up. it was a beautiful day! we prayed away rain for weeks before, but forgot to mention anything to God about the wind. it was a beautiful windy day and stuff was blowing around and off of the tables. my parents had the tent people put a side on the tent, but that didn't help with the pavilion part where all the food was going to be. so my parents went home, dug through their camping gear, and grabbed all the tarps they could find. they went back to the park and somehow secured the tarps to the side of the pavilion. although it didn't look the greatest, in the end it was better than all the food flying around!

right before the ceremony some of the groomsmen were decorating the car. that's not such a bad thing, right? until the spray foam/car paint stuff that my soon to be brother in law was using exploded all over the front of his tuxedo. and it wouldn't come out. i was hid away in my little room (so ben wouldn't see me) and i knew something happened, but no one would tell me what. ben's sister was scrambling around to fix the problem and after the ceremony i found out that she put black mascara on the front of her husband's tux to hide the color. and it worked... we were even able to return the tux without additional fees!

the ceremony went pretty well. no one fainted, it wasn't too hot, and ben didn't cry too much (when we were standing there he had tears in his eyes and i was smiling and kinda laughing at him. ahhh... he was so cute!). but... my pastor forgot ben's last name. so at the end when he announced us he said, "...i now present to you mr. and mrs. ben... *pause*...ben...." everyone started clapping so we didn't have to tell him what to say. but yes, we are mr. and mrs. ben ben.

reception: remember how i said it was a beautiful day? well it was... to us minnesotans! but ben's family came from missouri and illinois and they were FREEZING. i guess we didn't take them into consideration when we planned an outdoor reception. but thankfully walmart and target came to the rescue---they were much warmer with their hoodies on!

i originally planned to write about our honeymoon mishaps... but maybe i'll save that for another day!

so go check out ace's blog to read some more hillarious wedding mishaps! and join in on the fun! even if you're not married, i'm sure everyone has a great wedding story!

me? i'm gonna go have a glass of lemonade...


Ace said...

OMG, I totally forgot about what Superman's brothers did to his car! Totally ruined the paint and they put vaseline under the door handles. Um, bride and groom, all dressed up and where in the world did they think we were going to wipe that vaseline off??? Oh man, that story is almost worth adding but it's too late now. I'll save that one for later too. You should host the honeymoon mishaps sometime soon and I can include my car story! (hint, hint)

Ashley said...

oh my gosh i can't believe they were able to cover up the suit with mascara! that take some serious talent. can you tell at all in pictures?

we had a ton of wind too and in some of the pictures you can see the polka dot overlays on the table blowing off a little but oh well, it was still fun!

Jess(ica) said...

I am not sure if I am more amused at reading your wedding mishaps post or the fact that you have entire category (label) dedicated to Lemonade LOL!

Alicia said...

The suit with mascara was pretty funny!

Heather said...

remember having jessica and liz holding up your dress while you peed? yes, it was a beautiful day for minnesotans. i LOVED the day. :) yes, mr. and mrs. ben ben was hilarious! :) oh well, it was still filled with wonderful memories!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

I wish I'd known about this carnival - I have lots of wedding mishaps from my big day! I'll have to write a post next week about this!!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

And, oh yeah, your stories are so funny! But I have to ask - did you laugh at all of them AT THE TIME?