Saturday, August 9, 2008

and the drama starts now...

well in the three hours since i posted last, the weather has cleared up and it ended up being very nice outside. so out we went. i got toys and a blanket for ryan to sit on and i started weeding the flower bed (the weeds were starting to look nicer than the flowers!).

samantha played with our neighbor, mauricio, who is also 5. they were having fun playing tag, blowing bubbles, and running back and forth through the house from the front yard to the back yard. when i was done weeding the flowers, mauricio asked if he could have dinner with us so i said sure and sent them out to the back yard while i looked for something for dinner.

after a few minutes passed samantha came inside bawling so hard i could hardly understand her. "he's not gonna have dinner with us. he went hooooooooooommmmme."

so i went outside and he was just coming out of his house again so i asked him if he was going to eat with us and he said he didn't want to. he was going to play with his other friend, and he'd play with samantha later.

so we went inside, samantha had a sobfest on my lap for about 5 minutes, then i finally asked her if she was sad because he wasn't going to have dinner with us, or because he went to play with someone else.

again, crying so hard that i could barely make out her words, she sobbed, "he's my best friend and i just don't want him to leave me. i want to play with him and i want him to have dinner with us too. and ohhhhhhhhh i'm just so sad."

what do i say to that? i have never had to deal with a broken little heart and i'm not ready to either! so i tried to explain to that we need to share him with his other friends and that he needs to play with the other boys too.

but her poor little heart was just so sad. so i popped a pizza in the oven, turned on "friends" for her (yeah, nice mothering huh... but i think i just heard her laugh!), and sat down to blog real quick! hopefully some food, a couple episodes of "i love lucy," and some ice cream and chocolate will snap her out of it! and hopefully i won't have to deal with this kind of drama for a couple more years!