Tuesday, August 12, 2008

my babies' boo-boos

today was a day of boo-boos and almost boo-boos, among other things. here's the run-down of our day.

this morning i let the kids soak in the tub for a while. they were so cute and they always have so much fun in tub. usually when i want to take tubby pictures my camera doesn't have a memory card or the battery goes dead. so today i got some pictures of them.

1st boo-boo moment. ryan pulled the corner shelf in the bathroom over on himself. i think he was more scared than hurt though! i'm glad i finally have a tough baby! :-)

after we got ready we went downtown to margaritas to have tacos with the whole family. di and all the kids (except ethan) went and ben and dave met us there since they were working close. YUMMMM! it was so good!

tonight we went to ben's softball game. he'll only have one game on tuesdays now. yea! samantha played on the playground for most of the game. it's right behind the bleachers, so i could keep a good eye on her. there were a lot of kids there and toward the end of the game i couldn't see her, so i went to make sure everything was fine.

2nd boo-boo moment. right when i got to the playground she emerged from the tunnel crying and blood was dripping from her mouth. i looked quick to see how bad it was and determined that it was fixable and wouldn't require stitches or anything. we went to the concession and i got some water and ice and got it all cleaned up. (thanks, papa mike, for watching and entertaining ryan while i cleaned her up!) after she settled down she told me that someone had a softball and they threw it at her and it hit her in the mouth. ouch!

it cut her lip and she bit the inside of her mouth. she said her teeth hurt, but i think they're fine. she goes to the dentist next thursday, so we'll make sure they're okay then. on the way home we stopped to get an ice cream to ease the pain and keep down the swelling!

it cleaned up very well. it looked like there was going to be a blood blister or something on her lip because there was a big spot of blood i couldn't get off at the ball game. but tonight it wasn't there. i guess ice cream is really healing!
her injury didn't effect her smiling... or her talking!

after we got home we watched the olympics for a while and ryan was sitting on the floor by the rocking chair.

3rd boo-boo moment. samantha was walking and knocked ryan over into the chair. he didn't get a black eye this time, though! he did, however, get a popsicle to ease the pain and get his mind off of it! i'm sure his gums enjoyed it since he's cutting more teeth. (he got his 4th tooth on sunday and is trying to push two more through.)

4th boo-boo moment. something to do with samantha's finger. i was DONE with boo-boos for today, so i sent her to daddy to have him kiss it.

well all three kids are in bed, so unless i trip up the stairs on my way to bed i think our boo-boo day is over.

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Jessica said...

You're a super mom, fixing all those "booboos"... =)