Saturday, August 9, 2008

we are finally having some nice weather. it's almost unusual for august, but we're having about 2 weeks that the temps will be in the 80s. then toward the end of the month they're going back up to the 90s.

since it was so nice last night we got to spend some time outside. the kids got to swing, samantha got to play with one of her friends, and i got to escape the mess that is my house!

after a couple hours of playing the kids enjoyed a popsicle, then we came inside and practiced walking with ryan. a couple weeks ago he had his 12 month check up and the doctor told me to work on his walking. he doesn't even pull up on anything yet, so she wants to make sure his motor skills are developing okay. but he has no reason to walk since he has a sister that waits on him hand and foot!

it's quite comical to watch him try to walk. his left foot is like another hand to him --- he uses it more than his right hand! so when we walk with him and he wants to touch something or play with something he uses his foot. so last night he wanted to get into ben's cup and kept crossing his left leg over to try and knock it over. kinda hard to walk like that, ryan!

today is a little rainy, so we've had a relaxing day inside. it would've been nice to take the kids out again today, but maybe this afternoon i'll have to clean a little bit... :-)

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