Friday, August 8, 2008

5 year old conversations

samantha has always been one to come up with random things and have interesting explanations for some stuff. for example, when we were sitting in target the other day waiting for daddy to get done shopping, she asked,

"hey mom, wanna talk about something?"

"sure. what do you want to talk about?"

"umm, how do the lights work?"

huh??? of all the things to talk about you want to know how the lights in target work?? random. it's always fun though, seeing her thought process sometimes and hearing some of her weird ideas. (by the way, i did have to tell her how the lights worked. an explanation that i won't post here because i'm sure it's not very acurate!)

so today we went shopping and were driving in the car and she was looking out the window and said,

"mom, i can kind of see now how the world is round!!!"


"you know how the world is round and kind of like a ball? well i can see that it's round."

"how can you see that?"

"well," she said looking at the sky, "just look up there and it's kind of round and when we're driving it's kind of on a ball. and remember it's round like the picture of the world that you showed me. and it's like a ball because God has the whole world in His hands.... hey mom, did you know that there's a song about that?"

after she got done singing the song to me, we talked more about the world being round, and i was still trying to figure out how she could see that it was round while riding in the back seat of a car. i told her that people used to think the world was flat and asked her if she thought it looked flat. and of course at that moment i drove over a slight hill... so she said "no, it's kind of round right here!" then i asked her since the world is round, what happens if we're on the bottom of the earth? will we fall off?

"nope, we'll just fly heaven if we have Jesus in our hearts."

"oh, so we won't stick to the earth if we're on the bottom?"

"nope, we'll just stick to Jesus."

so i left it at that. it should be fun when we get to teach her about gravity. i wasn't about to today. :-)

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Heather said...

Samantha, you just stick to Jesus! I love you, honey!
Auntie Rah