Friday, December 18, 2009

all i want for Christmas is my two teeth pulled

alternately titled get ready for excessive parenthesis and italics!

about a month ago i posted that i broke my tooth and had super glued it back into place.

big mistake. nope, not super gluing my tooth, blogging about it and facing y'all's (pronounced yuh-allziz) lectures about how super glue is toxic and bad for me.

well i totally appreciate your concern, but i went against all advice and kept right on super gluing my tooth! you see, this is something that i HAD to do. (stay with me here, i'll get to my point sooner or later.) almost 3 years ago i had a root canal on my molar. i didn't get a crown at the time, since i didn't have insurance or the $600 to pay for it. about a year after i had this done, a quarter of my tooth chipped off (that's the black part in the picture—yes, i made a visual aid!). and then, four weeks ago, i felt my tooth crack as i was eating. after surveying the damage, the whole side of my tooth cracked all the way down below my gums (the black line in the picture).

the whole cracked part would pull away from my filling, but wouldn't come out. (not that i wanted to pull it out—ouch!) so when i'd eat and bite down, if the cracked part of my tooth was in any way out of place, it would hurt and my gums underneath the tooth would get swollen. so i've been pulling the cracked part out from the rest of the tooth with my handy dentist pic (and with my headlight on, of course), squirt super glue down in the crevice, and temporarily attach my tooth to the filling.

this past monday i was finally going to go get my tooth pulled. but after x-raying my tooth, the dentist said he wouldn't be able to pull it because it was cracked below the gumline. so i get to have it surgically removed. yipee. (sarcasm totally intended.) and guess what? my wisdom tooth* is growing in sideways(totally horizontal), pushing against my back molar. wisdom schmisdom. so i'll have to have that surgically removed also so that it doesn't damage my other molar.

*that's right. my wisdom teeth still haven't come in yet. i'll save you all the that's why she's so dumb jokes and say this: yes, that's probably why i'm not smart enough to stop toxifying my body with super glue.

so how does this all play into Christmas? (yes, i'm finally getting to my point.) well, i'm having my oral surgery on wednesday, december 23rd.

yes, you heard me right. two days before Christmas i'm having my teeth cut out! there goes our perfect Christmas... i have memories of my sisters laying on the couch, not being able to eat anything, and basically being zombie-ish after they had their wisdom teeth removed. so now i have visions of me being the same way. ben will probably have to fix peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for Christmas lunch, i'll be on the couch drooling, and in a moment of consciousness, i'll wish my family a meh-ee chis-us.

ok, really i think i'll be fine. i'm (hopefully) gonna have our dinners pre-made and all our other Christmas preparations done ahead of time. so i'm thinking Christmas movies for two days straight! and the one good thing about this? maybe i won't eat as many Christmas cookies and candy this year!

oh who am i kidding? i'll just load up on ice cream instead!

and, in the spirit of still being able to pronounce my R's, Merry (early) Christmas!


Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Oh, Erin! How have you managed with that tooth? That is AWFUL! And what crummy timing to have teeth pulled right before Christmas! Well, I imagine you'll feel much better (eventually) after it's done. And no more gluing (right?). I will tell you that when I got my wisdom teeth pulled, I was soooo afraid I'd have a bruised face and annoying lisp for days - but I didn't have either. It was really pretty easy. So THAT is what I'll wish for you this Christmas! :)

Paula Jean said...

Merry Christmas, Erin! All I could think was ow! ow! It will be a good present to have the teeth issues behind you for Christmas...even if you are going to need some creativity for food options. I personally think peppermint ice cream is an A-1 choice!

A day in the Life... said...

Oh OUCH that stinks! Extra cuddlie time on the couch should be fun though!

Ace said...

Oh, that stinks. I hate the dentist and have put so much work off because we didn't have insurance until this month. I paid over $1300 last year for a crown and I think it's loose. A month after I got the crown I lost a huge filling in another tooth. So I need that fixed too. We finally have insurance but I just hate going! I'm so scared of the dentist!
P.S. Superman's cracked tooth is still holding tight too with that denture glue!

Heather said...

on a positive note, i may have been zombie-ish that day, but i DID make it to my 8:00 college speech class the next day. seriously??? speech class? what was i thinking? that i could actually speak? i so shoulda skipped!

Nicole said...

This whole post made me cringe! I HATE teeth stuff, dentists, etc... OUCH! I hope it goes well for you on Wednesday!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Considering I had a root canal done LAST WEEK and am still sensitive, i read only parts of that post. The rest made my mouth hurt. Um, i am NOT going to say that you are totally insane to do that before Christmas, because I am scheduled for a filling the same day!

Aunt of 14 said...

When I had my wisdom teeth pulled, I don't remember the pain. I think I was pretty well doped up on pain medication. But I did look like a chipmunk for a week.

The last time I had a root canal, I was in and out, no problem. You might be just fine! I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

Jess said...

I will not share with you how horrible having wisdom teeth removed was for me so that I don't scare you....just make sure you ice until you feel like you can't ice any more and then keep icing! I hope it goes well!

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

I've never had any serious teeth problems... and reading this makes me even more grateful!!!