Monday, November 9, 2009

not me! monday

happy not me! monday y'all.

after our mountain of halloween candy that was purchased last year (that we gave most away and didn't even eat), we did NOT go to 3 different targets looking for cheap clearance candy this past week. and even though we didn't really find any candy to buy, ben and i did NOT find costumes for each other for 75% off. so if you saw that couple in target with the desert dancer and french maid outfit in their cart it was NOT us.


moving on...

i took ryan to a thrift store the other day and did NOT find the complete game of "lucky ducks" for him. as ry held it while we looked around the store, the game did NOT turn on while inside the box. there was NOT loud quacking coming from our cart. and when i opened the box to turn it off, i couldn't figure out how to turn it off. so i did NOT close the box, continue to walk around the store with a loudly quacking game, pay for it, and walk out to the car and stick it in the trunk. ryan did NOT show me how to turn it off later...

while sitting in the drive-thru yesterday, i did NOT roll down my window and attempt to dump water out of an old taco bell cup. however i did NOT stop to think about the fact that the wind was blowing in right at me. you see where this is going, don't you?! ...i did NOT toss the water out the window only to have some of it come back in on me. ben did NOT have a good laugh.

i am NOT on pins and needles today waiting to hear updates on stellan. please pray for him and mckmama (founder of not me! monday) as they face a very risky surgery today. get all of mckmama's twitter updates here, or visit

happy monday!


Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

we used to have lucky ducks at my last job and it would constantly just start going off and quacking loudly randomly during the day!

also, can't stop checking twitter and praying for stellan!!

Heather said...

goog job ryry for teaching mommy how to turn off the ducks!

and the water in the cup? so funny!

di said...

i had my door open and went to through out some water and DID NOT toss it all over the open door!! i LOVE lucky ducks.i have one here for the kiddos to play

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Funny how that French maid costume didn't come up last night at Bible study...! :)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I am doing the same for stellan! Oh and french maid, huh? I like it!

another candy filled house person who cannot resist buying any crap that is marked 50% off.