Thursday, November 12, 2009

thankful thursday

there are so many things to be thankful about concerning ryan, but as my day unfolded, i discovered a few incidents to be thankful for.

somehow ryan stuck his head in the handrail on our stairs this morning. it was lodged pretty good. and the metal balusters don't budge. at all. thankfully, after pulling and maneuvering, i got his head out. i'm SO glad he didn't stick it in there any further, otherwise i would've been calling someone. (who would i call? the cops? a blacksmith? do blacksmiths even exist still? boy i'm confused. i'm so thankful that i got his head out!)

fast forward to right before lunch. ryan emerged from the kitchen carrying a steak knife. apparently he's just now tall enough to reach the counter. i am incredibly thankful that his clumsy little self did not trip on the air and fall and letsnotevengothere...

and then at lunch stupid me decided to give ryan orange slices in a glass condiment bowl. bad idea. yes, he ended up throwing the bowl on the floor, shattering it to pieces. once again, i was quite thankful that he was restrained to his high chair—i would HATE to have to pick pieces of glass out his feet!!

oh, and i can't omit the immense amount of thankfulness in my heart when naptime rolled around. talk about my cup overflowing!

and as i sit here pondering the unexpected events and close calls of the day, i am thankful that tomorrow is a new day. let's hope he got all the accidents out of his system today!

what are you thankful for today?!


Kelly Harris said...

this cracked me up, erin! wow what a day you had!
I'll have to ask Wes if he's ever responded to a call about a head stuck in a handrail! ha! made me think of a memory from childhood- my brother got his head stuck in the back of a metal chair. my mom called the fire department- maybe that's who you call?! she says i very sweetly wiped his nose with a kleenex while he was crying with his head stuck. too funny!
hope you sleep well tonight... and that tomorrow is a little less exciting!

ben and erin said...

ahhh!! the fire department! i'll have to keep that in mind. i'm sure the jaws of life could tear apart our railing!

Freddae' said...

Great question about the blacksmith. I actually laughed out loud and then went, "wait, what?" Do they still exist? I realized I have no idea if they funny.

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

A blacksmith – yes! Haha!! I know what you mean with this post, though. HOW MANY TIMES have we narrowly escaped disaster, only to walk away with a perfectly healthy and safe kiddo? God has to work overtime for toddlers, I think!!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I can't believe he stuck his head in there! Elijah did that when he was younger. I totally took a picture before I got him out. Yep, mother of the year!!

Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

I love the way this post is written! so cute and funny! here's hoping for no more incidents!