Monday, October 5, 2009

not me! monday

thanks to mckmama, there is now a reason to love and look forward to mondays! hop on over to her blog to join in on the not me! monday fun!!

* * *

sooo.... now that we all know the difference between pt and ot, i have to get this off my chest: when ryan's pediatrician told me that he needed physical and occupational therapy, i did NOT immediately think to myself, but he's not even remotely close to being old enough to have a job... nope, i am NOT that blonde!

* * *

while cleaning out the closet the other day, i did NOT find my bridesmaid dress from my sister's wedding 11 years ago. i did NOT proceed to try it on.... and it did NOT fit!!!! (ok, granted it was a slight bit more form-fitting than it was when i was 16, but it zipped all the way up. and i could breathe!!!) i was NOT so excited that i did NOT wear the dress for about 40 minutes while i called my sister to tell her.

* * *

during one of my coughing fits this week (due to this wonderful head cold) i did NOT cough up a big gob of phlegm and it did NOT go flying out of my mouth and land on my arm.... ummm, no. that really couldn't have happened because i always cough with a tissue. well, at least i do NOW!

the same thing did NOT happen to samantha. and she did NOT come and show me the glob of mucous in her hand...

* * *

since i now have a somewhat clean pantry, there is absolutely no way that i bought another jar of peanut butter at target last night. it was NOT on sale and i did NOT have a coupon. so of course i was NOT obligated to snatch up a good deal. and on top of that, we most certainly did NOT buy 3 more boxes of cereal...

* * *

happy monday y'all!


Sonya said...

oh my that mucous thing is so funny. I have never done that either!!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

I am not even going to comment on your mucuous situation. Ick.


However - WOW! for fitting into the dress!!!!

Kelly Harris said...

ha! i'm still laughing at the bridesmaids dress story...of course i have NEVER done that :) and you have to wear it around for awhile just to enjoy the fact that you can still fit into it! so funny!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Peanut butter is on sale? I had so many other comments, but am stuck on the peanut butter sale. I'm off...bye!

Heather said...

oh, so many reasons to laugh!!! love ya! :)

Ace said...

something for you on my blog!

Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

ok the occupational therapy thing... so hilarious! i love that you thought it had something to do with a job.. that is awesome!

seriously more cereal?!? can i please come to your house and just eat cereal everyday all day for like a week... that would seriously be awesome! i love cereal!!