Sunday, October 4, 2009

musings from the pantry

i don't know how this happens or if i'm the only victim, but somehow my pantry has a way of devouring my groceries and hiding them in every crook and cranny until it's bursting at the seams and demands my attention.

so i cleaned it out the other day. and had this lovely conversation with myself while organizing...

* * *

why in the world do i have five jars of peanut butter in here? and why are three of them opened?! man, sara would be proud of me.

eww... best by april of 2006?! *trash*

chick peas. why the heck did i buy a can of chick peas?!

oh yipee—the mouse hole is still successfully patched up! gee, i hope we don't get another mouse this winter. *knock on wood*

jello anyone? you'd think i was my mom or something! i don't ever make jello so why do i have 31 boxes of jello?!

oh my goodness!!!! i almost bought three packages of jello the other day because i had a coupon...

blech! cheez its. (go ahead and judge my disliking of those cheese flavored crackers...)

oooohh! ketchup! we're almost out of ketchup!.... and jelly? why are they right next to each other? then again, why not?!

mmmmm.... ramen noodles. i bet those don't ever expire.... oh! they do expire! man, you can learn something new every day!

man, that was a great sale special k, fiber one, and pop tart sale at target. which reminds me, i still need to blog about couponing.

wow i have a lot of random thoughts. i should grab a pen and paper and write them down so that i can blog them.

note to self: don't buy special k or fiber one bars for about 3 years. or pop tarts.

i wonder how long the orderliness of this pantry is gonna last?

oh! iced animal crackers!

27 boxes of cereal in the pantry.... 27 boxes of cereal.... take one down. throw it away. 26 boxes of cereal in the pantry....

well it's good to know we won't be dying of starvation anytime soon.

note to self: don't buy anymore cereal either. or jello...

wow! i got rid of a lot stuff!! i better throw it all in the dumpster before ben gets home otherwise we'll probably end up keeping half of it!

dang, i wish i would've taken a before picture, cuz this looks WAY better now!

* * *

and now, more cleaning. tune in next week for musings from the bathroom.*
*totally kidding!


Midwest Mommy said...

Last year I went through and pitched everything and started over. Now when people come over it looks so bare because I refuse to buy something unless I have a plan for it, lol Good luck!

Ace said...

Yuck. I hate cheez its too. Just plain gross!

Brooke said...

Cleaning out the pantry, fridge, and even spice rack is always a HUGE eye opener for me. I always seem to ask myself "Was it really that long ago that I last cleaned this out?"

Kelly Harris said...

hilarious, erin! we have no as jealous as i am, i am NOT jealous of the extra space to keep so much stuff! you totally sounded like you were in my mom's pantry- she has can after can of the same EXPIRED stuff!
and how can you hate cheez its?? i love them! made me wish i had some :) thanks a lot, erin!!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

What is wrong with you people? How can you not LOVE Cheez-its??

My pantry swallows food, too. It's annoying. And I also have a million boxes of jello. I never make jello. How does this happen?

Keri McGinnis said...

Looks like you have quite the "stock-pile" going on Erin, and you didn't even know it! Classic! Gotta love those sales on can you pass up a box of cereal for 50 cents?? Oh, and yes, I love cheez-its too! It's all American!

Sonya said...

you crack me up!!!