Monday, September 21, 2009

not me! monday

good morning and welcome to not me! monday!! hop on over to mckmama's blog for some more hillarious not me! monday confessions (but right after you read mine, of course!)

i did NOT blog about treating our house for fleas, and then blog a few days later about how i don't clean my house. i did NOT realize that this would make us sound like sloppy, messy, white trashy people. and while i can assure you that we're not, i will admit that we're simply NOT a little disorganized! (and our house doesn't look that bad anymore...!)'

samantha did NOT finally start school last tuesday only to have wednesday off because her friend came over. we are only a few weeks behind now and i did NOT just order the rest of her curriculum on saturday...!

while ben and samantha were gone all day saturday, i did NOT decide to go to target with ryan. and when we were walking towards the entrance ryan did NOT start saying "scary, scary." (all because we went to target a couple weeks ago and ryan bawled his head off because he was terrified when we walked past the halloween aisles.) after we made it through the store with only a few tears and $50 spent, i did NOT decide to go to another target for a repeat performance. hello, my name is erin, and i am NOT addicted to target!

i did NOT take a pregnancy test last monday after thinking that there was a slight huge possibility i might be pregnant. it was NOT negative. (although really, it was negative!) and as the week went on and on i did NOT get more and more nervous that the test was wrong. i did NOT resolve that i would take yet another test this morning, until finally last night my aunt flo did NOT show up eight days late! i did NOT breathe a sigh of relief and silently say thank you Jesus! because even though we do NOT want to have more kids, we're not quite ready to pursue that venture right now—sorry auntie di and gramma! (oh, and sorry dad if that was a little too much information!!)

on friday, i did NOT whack my head on the washing machine whilst bending over to pick up ryan. it still does NOT hurt. yesterday ben did NOT throw out his neck while he was clearing his throat. and this morning, i did NOT wake up to a thud when samantha fell off of her ladder. i am NOT wondering when and how ryan will hurt himself. might as well make this a family affair, right?!

happy monday, y'all. have a blessed day!


Amy said...

Enjoyed reading your blog! My name is Amy and I, too, am addicted to Target. =-)

Sonya said...

Hi my name is Sonya and I am also addicted to Target. Which is really bad since I pass THREE of them on my way to and from work!!! Good thing that I no longer work right next to one!!!!! That was really bad when I worked at the branch inside Festival Foods. I always ended up at Target on my lunch break!!!

Ouch about your head and this must be the season for thinking for are pregnant. I tested this morning and am seriously thinking that the test was wrong! I will have to see if AF shows up later this week.

Ace said...

Too bad it the test was negative, it would be awesome following that adventure!

Heather said...

Yes, I have to agree that it would be fun to have another niece or nephew on the way. However, when that blessed event occurs, I better not be reading about it on your blog, Erin! You should know better. :) I would be more addicted to Target if our Target's clearance didn't STINK! I was so bummed!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Good grief, that must be going around. I actually took 4 home tests AND a blood test from the doctor before believing that I was NOT prego. And then ol' aunt flo appeared three WEEKS late. Cuh-razy!

Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

i am totally addicted to Target too.... can't wait to have a job again and do some damage again there.

can't wait for a positive pregnancy test... when you are ready of course! :)