Monday, September 14, 2009

not me! monday

this week...

i did NOT almost put my foot in my mouth at ryan's mri appointment when i almost told one of the doctors that nurses are better than doctors!!

and speaking of his mri, i did NOT forget all about it this weekend and totally forget to call today to find out the results until ben phoned me to see if i heard anything! i am now NOT waiting patiently for dr. h to call me with the results.

we did NOT have a bug scare this weekend and have NOT taken precautionary measures and treated our cars and our house for, ahem, fleas... (that our car picked up somewhere else). my washing machine has NOT been running non-stop and my carpets have NOT ever been vacuumed this many times in one weekend!

because of the flea scare, we did NOT decide to royally clean out ben's work car. we did NOT fill over six garbage bags of trash and ben did NOT find something that he got from a job over a year ago!!

yesterday we were minus samantha, so we decided to try out a new to us hole-in-the-wall mexican restaurant. i did NOT have fajitas for the first time ever. (go ahead and judge, people.) they were NOT incredibly YUMM-Y! (why hasn't anyone ever told me how good they are?!) and we did NOT have the cutest little waiter. he did NOT remind me of a latino elmer fudd!

i cleaned out my pantry today (yea me!) and did NOT find a few items that were over 3 years expired. and i also did NOT find a sinful amount of cereal. and jello. any guesses as to how many boxes?!

you can find more not me! fun at mckmama's blog. happy monday!


Sonya said...

I hope everything turns out ok with Ryan's MRI! Let us know what they say.

That is crazy about Ben's car! that is alot of trash! Next time my husband complains about my car I will tell him this story!!!

Ace said...

I'm gonna guess 16 boxes of cereal. Am I close?

Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

you are so funny. i can't believe he had that much trash in his car! that is a lot!

hope the results of the mri are good.. let us know!

oh ya... my guess is.. 14 boxes

Heather said...

messy car... TOTALLY hear ya on that one.

cereal... i'm just pulling a guess out of somewhere, but i'll guess 27.


Annie said...

i clean out my cupboards almost weekly otherwise i have a feeling i would find lots of surprises years later as well! ;)

praying the results of the MRI are good! :)