Monday, March 30, 2009

not me! monday ~ stellan style

it's not me! monday with a spin... this week not me! monday has been moved to the cline's blog and is in honor of stellan and the whole mckfamily. 5-month-old stellan has been in the PICU for over a week now and desperately needs a miracle. visit mckmama's blog to read updates about stellan, and please pray!

like so many other fellow bloggers, stellan has NOT been on my mind all week. visit the cline's blog to see who else has NOT been obsessed with stellan this week.

i have NOT been glued to the computer every day waiting for updates and blog posts. the refresh button on my browser does NOT hate me!

i did NOT decide to check mckmama's blog and twitter at 2am after ryan briefly woke up.

i did NOT freak out on wednesday when he went into v-tach. i did NOT slam my laptop shut and say "samantha we have to pray NOW!" after briefly telling her what was happening with stellan she did NOT start praying before i could start. and her prayer was NOT super lengthy for a 5-year-old. she did NOT pray to Jesus to "please let stellan live because he is so special to us." she did NOT make me cry.

i was NOT asked if mckmama was a friend of mine when i lived in minnesota, since i talk about them like i know them. nope... never met her, although she is my sister!

after praying for dinner the other night samantha did not ask her daddy "aren't you gonna pray for stellan?" ben did NOT reply with "who's stellan?" uh oh... you have a lot to learn, ben!

if YOU still don't know who stellan is, go visit mckmama's blog and please please pray our special little boy!

Prayers for Stellan


Ace said...

Man! I wish I would've done it stellan style. I stink.

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

I've been trying to keep up with the Stellan updates, too. And praying!!!

Hey - sorry about last night's small group. My head hurt so bad that I literally laid in bed for 5 hours. What I'm sure Mark didn't share with Amy was that the headache was a result of a total breakdown and crying fit. It was pathetic. (But I'm better now and promise to plan my future breakdowns for days other than Bible study night!!!!)

Ashley said...

I love that we are doing this... it is awesome!

oh ya, love the prayers part... so precious

A day in the Life... said...

I have been checking my computer obsessively too.. always looking for the next update.

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

I love that they thought you knew her when you lived here. YOu know, because we know everyone who lives in our home state! Cute!
I can't wait to watch her on T.V. tonight!