Thursday, March 26, 2009

thankful thursday

continual learning. that's what i'm thankful for today. or maybe i should say continual teaching, because there's plenty of days when i don't want to learn anything!

God has been teaching me some things this week and i'm actually learning from them! so many times we think we have it all figured out, and then God steps in and says "hey! let me show you this!"

one example from this week is on the topic of prayer. pastor bob had a great message on prayer this past sunday and at the close of his sermon he had everyone think of one thing weighing on their heart, write it on a piece of paper, and give it to God.

i didn't have any HUGE problems on my heart, but there was this one little thing that has been making me mad, upset, and angry for the past few months. i just figured i didn't have the right attitude about it, but i still hadn't ever prayed about it. well i wrote it down, talked with God about it, and wouldn't you know, monday afternoon it had already started to resolve itself. or, should i say, God had started to resolve it. call me stupid for not praying about it months and months ago, but at least i was smart enough to learn a God lesson this week!

and since we're on the topic of prayer, please keep baby stellan and his family in your prayers. he has been in the hospital with tachycardia since sunday night and definitely needs all the prayer he can get! (read this post from monday morning to start at the beginning.)


Ashley said...

I have the hardest time praying for things for myself... I always feel like there are people out there who need my prayers more so I spend my time on them and when I really want to pray for something, I struggle through it.

It's nice to hear that you gave it to God and things are starting to work out :)

ben and erin said...

i've had a hard time praying for myself also. and for my family. for instance, i never prayed for ryan's constipation problem because i felt that it wasn't worthy enough. i'm not saying that God doesn't have time to listen to my tiny problems, but there are other people with much greater problems that i should be praying for, right?! and then i finally realized that God still cares about the small stuff that matters to us. after all, God cares about the birds and the flowers (matthew 6), so think of how much more he cares for me and my problems! and 1 peter 5:7 says cast ALL your anxiety on Him for He cares for you. God cares about ALL our problems, not just the big ones.

so go ahead and pray for yourself, ashley! whether it's for a job, a dream house, your wedding, or a hangnail, God cares about it and will listen!

Ashley said...

I heart you! It helps so much to hear that and I am going to work on being better about praying for me and the things I worry/stress over. Thank you for the advice/help/caring!

Ace said...

A little something special for you on my blog!

Alicia said...

Hey check out my blog...I have a surprise for you!

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

I too struggle praying for myself. i feel like I am so imperfect and undeserving. I know, just satan thoughts that attack, but they are strong!