Monday, February 22, 2010

not me! monday ~ birthday edition

we do NOT not do birthdays around here. confused?! with my birthday on the 9th, then ben's on the 17th, and with valentine's day in the middle, we don't get too hyped up with celebrations. usually we just go out for dinner and kill three birds with one stone.

but ryan's hand foot and mouth disease put the kybosh on my plans of taking ben out to dinner on his birthday last wednesday, so i came up with some last minute plans:

a cake was the first thing in order. i was NOT extremely relieved when i found a cake mix AND matching frosting in the pantry. ryan did NOT enjoy licking the batter (or ice cream as he called it) off the beaters and decorating the cake eating the frosting and sprinkles.

and then i had the not-so-brilliant-idea to make ben a happy birthday poster life-sized banner. i did NOT spend the rest of the morning printing and cutting out big colorful letters and making the kids color pictures. and then i did NOT get sidetracked—i had made ben coupons for his birthday (you know, like one free back massage, take out the trash for you, and get out of trouble free), and did NOT forget to print them out.

cue the break for lunch—i did NOT figure that i'd have plenty of time to finish my projects before ben got home from work, so i decided to sit down and eat lunch with the kids.

right after lunch ben did NOT call to say he was on his way home and that he'd be home in 30 minutes.

30 minutes!!!

i did NOT scramble to hide the cake on the washing machine behind the laundry basket, clean up my mess of paper scraps, and then hide all the letters and pictures and coupons in our bed underneath the sheets.

the kids and i did NOT welcome him home with "happy birthday to you," and then cancel school and totally abandon him to go work on our project. it did NOT take me about two hours to cut out and staple the coupons into booklets and glue letters and pictures onto the roll of paper.

well clearly i did NOT fail to think out the banner. because when it was done? and it was time to tape it up on the wall? waaayyyyyy to big to do it by myself. although i did do it by myself...

anyway, 129 inches later, it was all taped up on the wall. that's right, the banner ended up being 10 feet 9 inches long!!

it was NOT worth it though, don't you think?

overall, it did NOT turn out okay. and i am NOT lucky to have a husband that doesn't care if he gets a real present or not! happy 31st birthday ben! next year i will NOT plan better!

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Heather said...

awwww..... so cute! great job on the banner. you could go into the mural business! :)

Angela Walters said...

The banner looked really good! Great job!!!

Ace said...

Love the look on his face!

A day in the Life... said...

So sweet! it looks like he loved it!

Ace said...

something for you on my blog!

VanderbiltWife said...

Awww! Lots of sweetness! That's one happy Daddy. :)