Thursday, February 25, 2010


this is ryan.

ryan likes candy.

ryan found candy.

mommy told ryan not to open the candy.

mommy failed to tell ryan not to eat the candy. and the wrapper.

technically, ryan obeyed.

 mommy learned an obvious lesson.

the end.


Heather said...

oh my goodness!!! that is so stinkin' funny!!!! i'm glad there are no people around to hear me dying of laughter!! Love you, Ryry!

Angela W. said...

Funny! I love your stories.

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Smart boy. Maybe...too smart?

Ace said...

Ha ha! He told you!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

so cute!!! He would get along so well with Asher!!

A day in the Life... said...

That is so funny! Smart kid!

Anonymous said...

too funny!!!!

jessica clark said...

that last comment was me :)

kanishk said...

I love your stories.
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