Saturday, May 9, 2009

saturday cell phone mosaic week-long regular camera mosaic

so my blog friend ace does a picture mosaic on saturdays of all the things she's done during the day. well, i don't have a cell phone that takes pictures. and even if i did i probably would still use my regular camera to take pictures...

she's told me a couple times that i should participate, but as of lately, my saturdays haven't been that exciting and picture worthy. so i'm doing a week in review if you will.

on monday we went to the airport to tell cameron goodbye.

on tuesday ben had a softball game and he hit a home-run (that i didn't see). maybe this tuesday i'll bring my camera!

wednesday was a lazy day.

thursday was a shopping and start cleaning the house day.

on friday we went to samantha's friend's birthday party--which was not your average party--it was a tie-dye party! it was at a nearby park so the kids had fun playing, eating, pinata-ing, and lastly tie-dying! ms. hollie has set the bar high for fun birthday parties!

and tonight we went to kymie's grad party. ryan had fun trying to stand up in the grass!

so there you have it. i'm sure next week's will be much better!

check out the other saturday cell phone mosaics and post your own!


Heather said...

that's great.... i love the picture with samantha hugging cameron. so sweet, although ricci looks really sad. give her a hug for me, ok?

Ace said...

Good job! (finally) lol

Chare said...

Ok, so where did you make your mosaic? That is what I want to know. I looked at "Ace's" photo mosiac from last week and thought it looked kinda fun. But the one that I tried to make didn't work like I wanted it too.

ben and erin said...

chare, i used a photo program on my computer.

but if you go to ace's blog she has directions so that you can do it online. you should do it! it's a good way to post a lot of pictures without posting a lot of pictures! :-) and i'm sure you'll have a lot after your trip!

Ashley said...

I love your mosaic! love the picture of samantha and your nephew - so sweet!

Jess(ica) said...

Very cute! very cute idea! did you print out a copy to frame?!

ben and erin said...

ashley, i love that picture too. it was SOOOO sad!

jessica, no i didn't print a picture to frame. but then i haven't printed out pictures since before ryan was born!!