Sunday, May 10, 2009

where's waldo?

tonight my mom (happy mother's day, mom!) sent me a picture of her kitchen.

i was quite appalled by the *huge* stack of dishes beside her sink. i couldn't believe that she would send me a picture with such a messy counter.

so i though you all should see what *real* housekeeping looks like!

please feel free to click on the picture to zoom in.

yes, that is a carnation in a pink plastic drinking cup on the table. along with my headlight (i was checking sam's ears last night. lol), and two kinds of shredded wheat, smencils, vacuum sealer bags, towels, whey protein, a purse, fruit bowl, and a bat weight (the red donut thing). oh, and a dirty kleenex.

hey... this could be like an i spy game or where's waldo!

let's move on to the counter(s). i spy with my little eye........ a paintbrush! clorox wipes. mrs dash seasoning. ice cube bucket/container. green-lidded freezer jars. sunscreen. rolling pin. a big container of fiber powder. a wok. my water bottle. recipe box. honey nut cheerios. cupcake pan. my sunglasses. cds. a clear storage container with a white lid.

and last but not least.... the dryer. i think everyone should have a turkey roaster pan (that's been sitting there since thanksgiving) on their dryer with a cardboard box sitting on top of it. in said box there should definitely be lucky charms. an easter dress. a bra. nature's grains cereal. a bib. chocolate teddy grahams. also on top of the dryer, the latest decorating trends are to have a roll of electrical tape and a package of new socks, not to mention the basket of cleaning supplies, which actually does belong there!

MEGA MEGA bonus points for anyone who can find the upside down air freshener. it looks like this, only upside down.

so... who's up for the living room next week? i'm going to take a picture right now!


Mom said...

Erin, has the wok been sitting on the stove since we left?

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Oh, Erin, I love you and your version of housekeeping! It's so MINE!! :)

Tiffany @ Paging Doctor Mommy said...

I think I found it! Is is between the refrig and the box of cheerios, just under the empty paper towel holder? Or is that it that I see sitting on top of the toaster?!??!

ben and erin said...

mom--of course!

mary--THANK YOU! i'm so glad i'm not the only one! and this is also one reason why we can't have small group at our house! lol

tiffany--nope and nope. keep looking! it's higher...

Jess(ica) said...

lol... you are so funny Erin! I love that you are just like, "this is how it is!" Right now my house is clean, but it's only because I had company two weeks ago... If I don't have company once a month, nothing ever gets cleaned!

ben and erin said...

well jess, this IS usually how it is! and my company left less than 2 weeks ago and this is how bad it has gotten!

Laura Weimer said...

Mrs. L, I have to defend Erin on the Wok. Just tonight I finally got around to washing the pans from when I baked a big load of meat-a-balls for our small group coming over... That was, uh, maybe 3 and a half weeks ago? So yes, I am a bit shamed by the "has the wok been sitting on the stove since we left?" comment. In fact, the only reason my pans finally got cleaned is because I was mortified at the fact that someone from our small group may stop over again soon and perhaps notice that yes, that pan has been there since we were last here. *Sigh*