Monday, May 11, 2009

not me! monday

welcome to not me! monday! this blog carnival was created by mckmama. you can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

but as for me...

i have NOT been neglecting my blog (and everyone else's) for the last 2 weeks because it has NOT taken me that long to get back into my routine after coming back from minnesota.

ryan's fingers did NOT almost get chopped off this week. he was NOT standing at the screen door and the movable glass (which was UP to let in some air) did NOT break free of the prongy pieces that were holding it up and it did NOT come crashing down on his hand like a guillotine. i did NOT run to him all the while envisioning driving a screaming baby to the ER with his fingertips in a baggie on ice... thankfully he was okay! the glass has NOT been down ever since!

while the kids were taking a bath one night, samantha did NOT start screaming for me and when i ran into the bathroom she was NOT perched on the side of the tub because ryan had NOT pooped in the tub! and two days later he did NOT have a repeat performance!

my mom did NOT write me an email in not me! format. i am NOT convinced that she really wants a blog of her own so that she can do her own not me! monday posts! :-)

the other day when ryan was eating shredded wheat, i did NOT sit idly by and watch him eat all the frosting off of the pieces and then try to put the now un-frosted pieces back in the box. after all, i'm not the one who eats them.... only daddy!

i did NOT miss ben's 1st homerun of the softball season because i was NOT busy talking to my friend. nope, i'm definitely the kind of wife that keeps score of the game so that he can look at his stats afterwards!....softball is definitely NOT social hour for me!

i was NOT surprised with mother's day presents yesterday morning. samantha did NOT make me this beautiful necklace and ben did NOT get me two new CDs. i did NOT have a wonderful mother's day yesterday!

i did NOT post a picture of my horribly messy kitchen in all its glory last night. the state of my living room is NOT the same. and i am NOT going to procrastinate on cleaning them today because going out for chicken tacos is NOT more important!

what have you NOT done this week?


Tiffany @ Paging Doctor Mommy said...

That necklace is simply beautiful! Samantha is one talented little girl!
And tell her that I would have been perched on the side of the tub too!

Ashley said...

I love that he ate the frosting off... that is awesome!

And the poop in the tub? classic... I woulda been screaming too :)

Happy {not me} monday!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Mmm... chicken tacos~Yum!
I am still laughing at the thought of you going to the ER with fingers in a ziploc bag!