Monday, May 4, 2009

not me! monday

yay! mckmama's back for not me! monday... go visit her blog to see the most recent pictures of her fab four, to read about what everyone else has NOT been doing, or to join in on the fun with your own not me! monday post!

but first...

i have NOT given myself a big bloggy vacation (did y'all miss me?!). i was NOT at my parents' house (and away from my husband) for 2 weeks. and when i finally came home last monday, i did NOT bring my parents home with me for 5 days. (actually, they brought me...) so i do NOT have a lot of catching up to do!

anyway, on our trip home from minnesota last monday, at one of our stops, i did NOT have a most interesting conversation: while washing my hands in the restroom, a lady that had just used the hand dryer did NOT say to me “wow, there’s powder in the dryer!!!” so when I went to dry my hands she pointed to a little sticker on the dryer. so i told her, “oh, no, it says 'feel the power,' not powDer.” she apparently didn’t hear me because she did NOT keep rubbing and feeling her hands saying that they felt different and she was NOT trying to figure out how in the world they put powder into the hand dryer. and when i finished drying my hands she did NOT say to me “feel your hands—don’t they feel different?” i did NOT quickly say "no" and exit the bathroom…!

before leaving my parent's house, i did NOT hide a leather candle for my sister to find. (it is a tacky little candle thingy that travels between me and my sister... click here to read about it!) i did NOT hide it inside the little gas tank door on her car. and i did NOT duct tape it in there just to be sure it wouldn't fall out. so when heather went to get gas the other day i did NOT freak her out because i did NOT fail to think of the fact that having something duct taped to your gas tank might be a little suspicious and could possibly look like a bomb... (sorry heath!)

this week samantha did NOT ask me "mom, do we live in an apartment or a downsizing?” i did NOT have to contain my laughter when I replied, “no, we don’t live in an apartment or a downsizing honey, we live in a townhouse. (seriously, where did DOWNSIZING come from?!)

i most certainly have NOT been drugging ryan up at night ever since he did NOT stay up until 2:45 the other night. nope, it's not me who has been pumping him full of tylenol and orajel every night. and it has NOT been working!

today our nephew is NOT leaving to join the US Navy. so on saturday night we did NOT have to tell him goodbye (yes, in the taco bell parking lot). i did NOT think it wouldn’t be too hard to tell him goodbye. and as i was hugging him goodbye and went to let go, he did NOT keep hanging on. i did NOT lose it. and i did NOT cry like a baby in the car after we left.

and yesterday when i was looking at the pictures on my camera, i was NOT taken by surprise to see a picture (that ben had apparently taken) of me crying and hugging him. i did NOT almost lose it again. Cameron — I love you, I’ll miss you, and I am so very proud of you!

well, since i have NOT done any housecleaning of any sort in three weeks i'm NOT off to do mounds of laundry, dishes, vacuum, dust, mop, clean the bathrooms, etc. oh, who am i kidding, i'm NOT going to go read some not me blogs!

what have you NOT done this week?!


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

What a cute wrap up of your trip! I loved the powDer one! That had me crackin' up!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Yes, I missed you! :) But I'm confused - is the Tylenol working for Ryan at night or not? :)

Ace said...

I love the one with the lady in the bathroom!

Erin said...

are people really that ingorant? too name is Erin and my husband is Ben also....cute kids!
love and blessings from ga~erin

Vijini Streblow said...

Love your hand dryer story!!!!:)
Goodbyes are hard, isn't it?

Ashley said...

I love the lady in the bathroom! hilarious!

praying for you and your nephew!

Happy Monday!

Becky said...

you shoulda told the lady in the bathroom that you've used a hand dryer that dispensed lotion, or painted your nails, and dried them at the same time.... Tell Cameron we are proud of him too and THANK YOU!!