Monday, May 25, 2009

more than a memory

today is memorial day. a day that to me, used to be just another holiday. one less day of school. a paid day off work. a good excuse to go to the lake and have a bbq.

but this year i see it a little differently. i actually know people who are serving our country right now in a branch of the armed forces. it hits a little closer to home. :-)

so in addition to remembering those who have served...

grandpa k - US ARMY - served in WWII. he was one of the 4 men in his division who survived normandy on d-day. lived to be 83.

grandpa l - US ARMY - served in WWII as a military police. lived to be 80.

love you and miss you, grandpas!

great aunt margie - US MARINE CORP - not quite sure what she did! :-)

uncle eric - US ARMY - served in the vietnam war. he received a purple heart and a bronze star for a 30 hour ambush he was in.

my daddy - US AIR FORCE - served in the vietnam war translating morse code. he was personally thanked by a pilot whose life he saved when he intercepted enemy code. i am also thinking of friends and family who are serving at home and abroad.

cameron (middle) - US NAVY - surviving boot camp right now!

taylor (left) and cody (right) - US MARINE CORP - will be serving in okinawa.

jacob - US MARINE CORP - serving overseas. actually ON the sea. he's on a ship right now!

nate (left) - US MARINE CORP - serving in afghanistan.

peter (right) - US AIR FORCE - serving in minneapolis, mn.

jeff - US ARMY - serving in afghanistan.

to those who have served and are serving, THANK YOU. your sacrifice means more than you know.


Anonymous said...

you brought a tear to my eye. i'm so proud to know these young men

Heather said...

beautiful post... thank you, men, for serving our country. God bless you!

Ashley said...

This is an awesome little tribute, Erin!

I love this post :)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

wow. You certainly have more military in your life than mine. What an inspiring post!

A day in the Life... said...

Yes Thankyou!

di said...

the poster previously known as "anonymous" will now be known as "di"(now that i know how to add my name without a url, thanks to a very savvy blogsman)sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

wv tedabbla
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Becky said...

Thanks Erin.... We need to get pics of our relatives in their uniforms!

ben and erin said...

i know, becky... i was gonna call you to see if you had any pictures. that would be a good veteran's day post!

Dorothy Musser said...

This is a wonderful thing you created. I hope this inspires others to do the same. I'm sure you are proud of your family's service to our country. I thank them all - those that have passed away and all those that are serving now. My God bless them all.


Taylor's grandmother - the one in picture with Cody.