Tuesday, April 7, 2009

tuesday tip

be careful what you post on your blog. because you never who will get their hands on it...

about a month and a half ago i wrote this gross post about samantha's earwax and how i practically went mining for it. and then the following day i posted a picture of me wearing the headlight that i used while toothpicking her ear.

then a couple weeks ago i received these in the mail:

yeah, my sister becky wanted to help me in my new business so she made 12 business cards for me.

so, anyone in need of some earwax removal? .....anyone? .....hello??? .....ANYONE??!?

hmm... that's what i thought.

thanks anyways beck! :-)


Ashley said...

hahahaha oh my gosh that is awesome! i loved when you posted that picture and i love it even more now in business card form!! sisters are just the best, ha!

Ace said...

That is so gross and funny all at the same time!

Jessica said...

that is hilarious! =)

Brooke said...

Oh that is way too funny! Gotta love sisters :)