Wednesday, April 8, 2009

the lesser of two evils...

...clean the kitchen floor? or wash by hand a dishwasher's load of dishes? hmmm, what to do...

i hate cleaning. and i think people who enjoy it are crazy. so i enjoy the little things that make my household chores easier. like a dishwasher. i have one of those dishwashers that is portable, so every time i use it i have to push it over to the sink and hook it up. some might see that as an inconvenience, but i see it as two minutes of work for clean dishes. (for those of you who have never heard of a portable dishwasher, this is what mine looks like. except like 15 years older.)

most of the time i have a load ready to go in the dishwasher (which i am now going to refer to as dw. seriously it's too long and annoying to type!) and another load waiting on the counter. might as well save up my dirty dishes and only move the dw once, right?!

well last week our dw started leaking. halfway through the load it started making this awful noise, so ben turned it of. the sound didn't quit. so then he unplugged it. the sound still didn't stop. then without any warning water started leaking out of the bottom all over our kitchen floor. i wasn't home at the time, so he got to clean it all up! yes... one dw full of water all over the floor.

it actually leaked like this a few months ago and was fine after that. so today i decided to use the dw again. i placed towels around it like sandbags and waited for the flood. first the noise came. i turned off the dw and the noise continued. so i unplugged it and waited for a few minutes. ok, it's not leaking, i thought. so i went in the living room for a minute and came back to a dw lake in my kitchen. AGAIN!

even with the towels surrounding the dw it still leaked about 6 feet beyond them! so i cleaned up the floor for the next 30 minutes, turned the dw back on so it could finish, then sat patiently waiting for it to flood again. the load got done with out any more leaks, so i unloaded it, piled it full of dishes again, and am now waiting out round two! yes, as much as i hate getting down on my hands and knees to clean the floors, i would rather risk running the leaky dw again just so that i don't have to do the dishes! besides, the floor could use a good cleaning. or two.

what household chore do you absolutely hate?


Alicia said...

I hate folding clothes. I dont mind putting them in the washer & dryer but I hate folding them!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Oh yuck! I hate cleaning, too. And I hate appliances that flood my home.

On another note, I've never heard of a portable dw - interesting.

I think the worst chore is either scrubbing the bathtub or sweeping the hardwood floors.

ben and erin said...

mary... i added a picture for you!

ooohhhh.... folding clothes is a good one, but i watch tv when i do that.

yeah, scrubbing the bathtub is NOT fun! which is why i usually make ben do it!

Ace said...

I'm with you on the dishes. Before life with a dishwasher they would pile up in both sides of the sink and spread out to the whole counter!

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh - i love that you are doing another load even though it may leak again.

i'd have to say my least favorite chore is cleaning the bathroom - all parts of it: bathtub, toilet, sink, all of it. i think this comes from having to always be in charge of cleaning the bathroom on cleaning day when I lived at home!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Thanks for the pic - it's all clear now! :)

And I should confess...Mark usually cleans our tub, too!

Becky said...

how you girls get your men to clean baffles my mind..... I have found a few products to make bathroom cleaning bearable... My worst chore is IRONING.... Being that my husband dresses up almost everyday, and I don't want to pay for dry cleaning each week, I'm stuck with the ironing... which i usually get done before filing paperwork... and yeah, keeping hardwood floors clean in the kitchen.... anyone have any tips/shortcuts for that one?

Jessica said...

i hate bathrooms. I like the feeling and accomplishment when they are done but i hate doing them.

I love to wash dishes though. Hand wash them. it's therapeutic for me!

are you going to get a new dishwasher?