Monday, March 9, 2009

not me! monday

happy not me! monday. this blog carnival was created by mckmama. head on over to her blog to join in on the fun and read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week!

this is what i did not do!

i did not cancel school on tuesday so that samantha, ben, and i could watch the bachelor online. i did not still count it as school because samantha was pointing out different animal habitats and telling me what sheep are useful for.

i did not let samantha play in the water at the kitchen sink for an hour yesterday. when i went to check on her she did not have half of the dishes done! i was not a little upset with myself that i hadn't thought of letting her do that before sunday!

we did not lose an hour of sleep this weekend, which would of course make anyone more tired, so ryan was not up for 3 hours straight last night, wide awake.

i am not neglecting giving my children breakfast so that i can blog. they are not getting impatient with me!

what have you not done this week?


purejoy said...

oh, thanks for stopping by! and if i homeschooled, the only thing my kids would learn about is nuggey, small fry, big mack and a little side of stellan!!
such a blogstalker!
i spewed coffee out my nose about the bachelor. i wish i could have half of my life back after the time i wasted last week on that stupid show. you should check out for a hilarious blog about the bachelor. i think you may have to wait till next season *may* but her recaps of the shows are sooooo funny!
have a blessed day, and pretty soon you'll have a little maid on your hands!! yay for allowing your child to play in the water. my mother would have had to get flood insurance first before allowing any of us that kind of creative play time.
kudos to you!

carma said...

if she was pointing out different animal habits it definitely still counts :-) Relieved that the bachelor madness is over; or maybe not now that melissa will be on DWTS.

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

That was awesome, I am super glad she was able to get a lesson out of it!
my son once asked, "can you stop blogging and feed me?" or not, after all it is NOT ME monday!

Heather said...

Way to go with the dishes, Samantha! I let the preschoolers "play" with soapy water on Friday. Little did they know they were actually washing the toys for me!

Can't wait for DWTS!!

Ashley said...

I love that you canceled school - that is awesome!

I have {never} neglected to do something just so I could blog!

Great Not Me's!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Samantha just did your dishes? Ummm...can I rent her for a day? :) Just kidding!

ben and erin said...

i don't know why i didn't take any pictures of her washing the dishes. i twittered about the fact that i was killing two birds with one stone because i wouldn't have to wash the dishes or give her a bath. there was water everywhere! she had great fun!