Saturday, March 7, 2009

9/52 photo challenge

believe it or not, i made this week's photo challenge harder for myself. for some reason i read the category as "objects that define you." i actually thought about this all week, as to what really defines me. and it was a very eye-opening thought process because i talked about it with ben. it was interesting to hear what he thought defined me, because it was way different than what i thought!

so i took my picture and got online tonight and looked at the category once again only to read "objects that tell something about you." well let me just say that would've been way easier! but i've already taken the picture of objects that define me, so that's what i'm gonna post!

i am...

a child of God, a wife, a mom.

oh the pictures that i will take for next week's category: things that make your life easier!


Jessica said...

I suppose those are the 3 most important roles you will ever have in life, eh? =) If i were doing this challenge, I would have probably put something like pics of my chapstick, my Friends poster, and something that said State Farm on it! haha I like that you went "meaningful" on this =)

ben and erin said...

well i was actually gonna take a picture of my wedding ring to show i'm a wife, a diaper to show i'm a mom, and a box of tampons to show that i'm a woman. but ben put the kibosh on that idea because he thought the tampons would be too gross!

and i actually did think about chapstick. i'm a little ocd with my chapstick/lipgloss!

Ashley said...

I love your alternate items - that's hilarious!

Can't wait to see what makes your life easier!

Jessica said...

I think the tampons would have been great! haha =)

Laura Weimer said...

Your marriage certificate looks so much more official than ours. Ours really does look like somebody just made it up and printed it at home... That's ok, as long as the state of Colorado says it's official, I'll take it!