Friday, March 6, 2009

nature's frosting

we took advantage of another gorgeous day and went for a walk this afternoon. along the way we stopped to play at a little park consisting of an old, rusty slide and swings.

while ryan, ben, and i were swinging, samantha was having fun on the slide. i saw her touch something on the top of the slide, then put her finger in her mouth. so i asked her what she ate and she said "some white stuff." so i replied, "why in the world would you put 'white stuff' in your mouth?!" (she has been taught that only food goes in her mouth, as she has tendencies to chew on her fingers, hair, and clothes...) she answered and told me the reason that she put the white stuff in her mouth was because she thought it was frosting and wanted to taste it.

so when we looked at the slide we found this:
(notice samantha's fingernail scratches through it)

needless to say samantha was a little embarassed and lot grossed out when we told her she ate bird poop!


A day in the Life... said...


I guess it could be worse but that is pretty gross!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Yuck! I assume she didn't think it tasted good...?

Jessica said...

Note to self: White stuff on playgrounds is not frosting, it's bird poop. Check.

Well, that is one of those things you only do once, eh? =)

Ashley said...

eeeeewww! I bet she'll never do that again! haha