Tuesday, February 10, 2009

tuesday tip

we had a blowout here yesterday. i mean a BIG blowout. and actually not one, but two.

yesterday ryan experienced the extreme opposite of constipation (hallelujah! and ewwww... that's nasty to clean up), which inspired me for my tuesday tip:

~double diaper a baby who's teething and is on miralax. ryan wears size 3 diapers, but i also happened to have a pack of size 4. so i just put one on right over the other. :-)

~be smart enough to double diaper the child before their two blowouts!

the contest ends in 3 days!


photoqueen said...

Oh yuck! But...good news that the Miralax is working?!

Nicole said...

Hooray for poop though right!! Soon you'll get the dosage figured out perfectly and hopefully you'll just have nice bowel movements. LOL

ben and erin said...

i hope the miralax is working but i'm not certain it's only that. ryan is teething right now and he's always had normal to runny bowel movements when he's teething. he actually had a half normal poop on thursday when we got back from the doctor. but he did go twice...

man, it cracks me up how moms love to hear a good poop story!

Becky said...

my word verification word for this comment is "lickish".... doesn't that go great with the topic?
hopefully Ry Ry wil be doing better soon! xoxo