Thursday, February 12, 2009

thankful thursday

for the last two weeks it seems like ben has been working non-stop. he works during the day, then after work and on the weekends he's been going to his friend's house to do some work. and he usually doesn't get home until after 11pm every night.

i've been missing him and so have the kids. but i have found a couple reasons to be thankful that he's not home:

~he still comes home every night! i'm so glad my husband doesn't have a job where he has to be gone for a week traveling, or especially that he's not overseas. i definitely couldn't handle that.

~he hasn't been home to make any messes. (he's not that messy though... we just have a lot of stuff!)

~less laundry. when he gets home from work he changes out of his whites into regular clothes. but every day that he works late is one less change of clothes for me to wash!

and the best thing...

~i haven't had to cook a real dinner in weeks! the kids and i can totally get by with a turkey sandwich on a paper plate for dinner!

but really ben, i'm looking forward to you being done with that job soon! :-)

what are you thankful for today?

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photoqueen said...

I'm thankful that I'm getting over this virus. And thankful that Mark never got it!

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