Monday, February 2, 2009

not me! monday

time again for not me monday! check out what everyone else has not done this past week at mckmama's blog. but first, here's what has not happened with me this past week.

my husband does not love listening to talk radio. so one night last week when he got home from work he definitely did not rush into the house, frantically turn the radio to AM, kiss me, tell me he loves me, then turn up the radio for me to listen. the broadcast was not about a pastor in our city that has issued a 28 day sex challenge for the month of february.....

...i did not roll my eyes.

*side note: sorry you not just have to read that, dad!*

i have not been taking pictures of my son's bowel movements for the past 2 months to show the GI. that would just be downright disgusting. and if i'm anything downright, it's not disgusting.

i have not been reusing some of our lightly used dishes because i didn't want to dirty another dish. i have not been using the same plate that i used at lunch for dinner. nope.... not me! i wash all the dishes right after every meal.

i do not procrastinate so much that i still have 3 boxes of Christmas presents to go through. and speaking of procrastinating, i still haven't blogged about our trip to minnesota at Christmastime. and speaking of minnesota, i still haven't posted about our trip up there in october even though i've had a draft saved for 3 months. no, my friends, i'm not behind on anything!

i did not get all excited when i checked my email and mckmama had replied to one of my comments. nope, i was cool, calm, and collected, especially when she replied to another one a couple days later!

what have you not done this week?


A day in the Life... said...

Your hillarious! That sounds like something my Husband would totally do!

Nicole said...

LOL I'm glad you DIDN'T do any of those things.

I hope your GI is helpful. Let me know if you have any questions... I have done more poop studies and collected more feces in a jar than anyone I know. LOL

Ashley said...

I know exactly how it is... I am a procrastinating blogger myself. My birthday was in early November and I didn't finish posting about it until late December. Oh and we took engagement pictures in October and I STILL haven't posted any of them.

Great Not Me's!

JenReg said...

I so have not done anything wrong this week. I so would not have rolled my eyes either if my hubby listed to that subject on talk radio!

Please check out my Not Me Monday:


photoqueen said...

You're cracking me up! I hate doing dishes, too...sometimes they're just not dirty enough yet, right?

ben and erin said...

photoqueen, i figured i'd be wasting water if i washed dishes that aren't dirty enough. this is my contribution to saving the

photoqueen said...

Wow - recycling bags AND saving water? You are so green. ;) (Speaking of, I found out last week that our trash service doesn't do recycling in Gladstone - so annoying!)