Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 random things about me

here's my list of 25 random things about me. most of you will see this on facebook, but for those of you who aren't on facebook (becky), read my list and then make a list of your own!

  1. i’ve played the piano by ear since i was 4, but i still really suck at sight reading music, even with my 10 years of piano lessons.
  2. i’m homeschooling samantha and i love it!
  3. i sound like my mom more and more every day. and i have come to realize that’s not a bad thing. i have an awesome mom! (and dad too!)
  4. i hate living in kansas city from april to june. the thought of a tornado terrifies me.
  5. i hardly ever capitalize anything when i’m typing. and i often start a sentence with a conjunction.
  6. i clench my teeth all the time. and i have had more than 24 fillings and 2 root canals.
  7. i never thought i’d like blogging as much as i do.
  8. i met my husband on the internet. i was 15 and he was 18. we will hopefully come up with a different story to tell samantha…
  9. i am definitely a night person and am in no way a morning person. because of that i have trained my children to sleep in.
  10. i am in love with my camera. after my husband and my kids of course!
  11. i don’t watch the news anymore. in fact, i hardly watch any tv anymore.
  12. i used to hate baseball and love football. now i’d rather watch a baseball game than a football game. i still like football though!
  13. i don’t use conditioner in my hair.
  14. i never attended a public school until i went to college.
  15. i am an ebay wife
  16. i don’t believe in childproofing the house. i believe in teaching my kids what they can and can not get into. no outlet covers, cabinet locks, or babygates here!
  17. i severely dislike the majority of forwards. especially the false ones that people haven’t researched before they forward them. however, i agree that there are some funny ones that need to be passed on!
  18. i know how to butcher a chicken. from chopping off the head, to plucking the feathers, to taking out all the guts, i know how to do it.
  19. i procrastinate. i started this list about 5 days ago and have put off getting it down to 25.
  20. i have been a born again Christian for almost 23 years and have never read through the entire Bible. i am going to do it this year. even if it takes me more than a year!
  21. my house is never clean. and i would be quite embarrassed if any of you came over right now.
  22. i’m very naive. and gullible. so if you tell me something untrue that i don’t know i’ll probably believe you. example: ben got me to believe that there was such a thing as 4% milk and that it was half milk and half orange juice.
  23. i love ice cream. like really really LOVE ice cream.
  24. when i was 3 or 4 years old i acquired the nickname ernie because i wrote my name erni. my dad still calls me that.
  25. i have crazy dreams all the time. and they scare me. not because they’re scary, but because i wonder what my subconscious must be thinking.


Laura Weimer said...

I'm excited to be participating in the blog world again, but I need help again! Here I thought I was pretty computer literate, but apparently that only applies to filing court documents! For some reason, it would not allow me to insert the MckMama (sp?) "button" due to some forbidden coding issues. I checked all my blogger settings and couldn't find anything that referenced html coding. Any suggestions?

Becky said...

would you like me to list these 25 things as a comment... or on my own blog?

Ashley said...

I can relate to a couple of these... I met my fiance on the internet but there is a larger age gap... I was 18 and he was 25 now we are 23 and 30. Also, I am a very gullible person... my fiance has pulled a couple of very successful April Fool's pranks on me.