Saturday, January 31, 2009


every morning after the kids and i have breakfast, samantha and ryan go play in their room so that i can have some ME time and so that i can take a shower. samantha has always done a good job of babysitting ryan and keeping him happy during their hour of play time. she knows to keep the door shut so he doesn't come find me or go downstairs. but every now and then while i'm in the shower (which is very close to their room) she'll open the door and yell something at me that is usually irrelevant. for example, yesterday she was listening to the radio and opened her door and yelled "MOM, THERE'S ALMOST ONE MILLION PEOPLE WITHOUT POWER," then slammed her door. then two minutes later she opened the door again and yelled something else that i can't remember. then slammed the door again.

well today when i was in the shower i heard her yelling something at me. but it sounded a little frantic and i couldn't understand her. so i was yelling back at her to come in the bathroom and tell me. she finally came in and yelled, "MOM!!! RYAN'S IN MY BED!!!"

now normally this wouldn't be a problem, but samantha has a loft bed -- the mattress is taller than me! i don't know how, but apparently ryan climbed up her ladder and by the time she realized it he was up so high that she couldn't get him down. so i yelled back at her to "GET UP IN YOUR BED RIGHT NOW AND MAKE SURE RYAN DOESN'T FALL OUT!!!"

needless to say i showered very quickly and was thankful that i didn't hear any loud thuds or screams! and from now on i think i'll put her ladder up!

these pictures were from 2 years ago when she got her bed. and to think i was afraid of having a 3 and a half year old up there!


A day in the Life... said...

I am glad he didn't fall out! That is quite the tall bed! and I am LOL about her saying that about the people without power. That is Great!

Jessica said...

LOL I love the random bits of information you get while showering!

Good thing she keeps such a good eye on her little bro! love the room by the way; its really cute!