Saturday, January 31, 2009

4/52 photo challenge

this week's photo challenge is WATER. and while i could drive all the way to minnesota in hopes of another photo opportunity like this,

or while i could capture water in motion,

i decided to go a whole 'nother route and take my picture of water while being submerged in it. well, while having my hand submerged in it! i used ben's waterproof camera (that he got at the auction-- nice find!) to snap these fish-perspective pictures from inside our fishtank!
ryan, ben, samantha, and our one of our angels.

i never thought it would be so hard to steady the camera in water. it's a little challenging!

another angel, samantha, ryan, me, and two gouramis. i obviously didn't take this picture, so ben got to play in the water too!

next week's category is sports. click here to see all the picture of the week categories for the whole year. it's not too late to join in.... just take your picture and post it! happy photographing!

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Heather said...

cool pics erin! i am proud of myself because i beat you and i didn't even change the time for my post! love ya!