Monday, January 26, 2009

not me! monday

how ingenius of mckmama to start the week off with not me! monday. head over to her blog to join in and to read what everyone else has not been doing this week. well, after you read mine of course!!

this past week...

i did not give samantha the day off from school last monday just because i had so much stuff to do around the house (and so many blogs to read). and i did not use "it's a holiday" as an excuse.

i did not procrastinate on all my household chores on monday which did not result in my giving her the day off on tuesday. and i most certainly did not record in our school book that she had 4 hours of history since that's how long the tv was on with the coverage of the inauguration.

after doing all the dishes (by hand!) and cleaning off all the counters i did not step back, admire my work, and think to myself "man, i should do the dishes every day." that thought was not followed by laughter for about three minutes!

we went on a trip this weekend and stayed at the hampton inn. when we got to our room ben did not spend 15 minutes inspecting the work. he did not find ceiling paint all over the walls, an awful job on the sheet rock in the bathroom, caulking all over the tile in the shower and too much more for me to write. he then did not procede to take pictures of everything that was wrong with the room, because if he did a job like that he'd be doing it over.

on that same trip, ryan did not wake up screaming the whole night while we were at our hotel. ben did not drive him around for a while, and when he would still wake up screeming i did not take him to walmart at 4:30 am to go shopping. i did not buy orajel and tylenol, i did not drug him up, and i did not sit in the lobby for the remainder of the night to let him sleep on the couch instead of enjoying our hotel room.

when we got home last night i did not drug ryan up again to make sure ben and i got more than the 2 hours of sleep we got the night before!

what did you not do?


Lindsay said...

Great Not Mes!

I have that exact same thought about my kitchen when I clean it and clean dishes as I put them in the sink. :)

Kameron said...

I always think that when I'm done with the dishes, but then I suck at the follow through!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome list but I can't believe he critiqued the hotel. That's ridiculously silly!

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Ok, that was great! I think the same thing about my sink too, but, lets face it, dishes suck.
Your husband sounds hilarious! Does he want to come DO my sheetrock work!?!

Mrs. Not-so-Domesticated said...

So funny! I did NOT try to convince my elementary school aged cousins that they should take today off since its Chinese New Year...they thought it was a great idea, their parents not so much. Oh well! Great Not Me's!