Saturday, January 24, 2009

3/52 photo challenge

the topic for this week's picture of the week is show us your town. it was a little tough for me this week, as i didn't have my car. ben's car is sick, so he's been taking mine to work everyday. and by the time he gets home it's getting a little dark to take pictures of my town.

so i'm gonna cheat. i took these pictures this past summer, thus the green grass and trees. sooooo.......

...ladies and gentlemen, i introduce to you my town, kansas city, missouri.

i hardly ever see the city. we live in a nice residential neighborhood north of the city. i feel like i live in one of the suburbs, but my address still reflects kansas city as MY city. i took this picture from the top of the tower in the next picture. the tower is the country's only world war 1 memorial.

kansas city is know as the city of fountains. i may have already mentioned this in an earlier post, but rome, italy, is the only city with more fountains than kansas city. this is my favorite fountain down on the plaza, the j.c. nichols fountain.

well if i actually would've done this right, without cheating, you probably would've gotten pictures of walmart and target, because that is the essential part of my town!

hey! why don't you do a picture of the week?! this next week's topic is water... have fun!

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