Saturday, November 29, 2008

would you like to save 10% on your purchase today by signing up for a target red card?

this is one of the things i hate the most about target. well, besides the fact that they have 20 check out lanes and only 2 open. sometimes only one. even with long lines. i digress...

but i hate it when they ask you all the time if you'd like to apply for a credit card. no, we already have one thank you, one that was maxed, one that the apr was about 22.9%, one that we PAID OFF about 5 months ago. no, i really don't want to save $20 on my purchase when i'll be paying $10 a month in interest. no thank you, we really don't want another target red card.

i don't ususally get into that kind of conversation when they ask the simple question, but that is what rambles through my mind. (although after we paid it off we were asked if we'd like a credit card and i told the lady, "nope, we had one that we just paid off and we definitely don't want to go down that road again!" i hope i wasn't too rude to her.)

so black friday morning i was at target when the doors opened (actually before they opened and got to stand in line), easily made my way through the store, snagged the items i wanted and was headed for the checkout in no time. they even had seven lanes open. i don't think i've ever seen that many open at one time. (yes, i stopped to count.) i chose the express lane and was greeted by a nice lady that was probably in her 60s. i'll call her marge. as we were chatting she mentioned that she was nervous because she was from a different store and that the computers were a little different and she wasn't used to them.

as she was finishing scanning all my items i swiped my debit card and signed for my purchases thinking i would shortly be on my way to the next store.


marge looked at me and asked, "would you like to save 10% on your purchase today by signing up for a target red card?"
me - "no thank you."
marge - "ok." she said, smiling. then she hit a button looked at the screen for a minute and said "ohhhhh....... oh no....... uh oh.... OH NOOO......"
she started pushing some different buttons and then found a credit card application, scanned something on it, asked for my driver's license and scanned it, asked me what my address was, then handed me the application brochure, looked at me with appologetic eyes and said, "just throw it away."

uggghhhhhh. so apparently she had pushed the yes i'd like a credit card button on accident and had to go through the whole process. meanwhile the lines were backing up behind me. i didn't dare look, but i could see the impatient people out of the corner of my eye.

then marge asked me to sign something on the credit card thingy. (what's that called anyway?) but there was nothing to sign. it stated that i had already completed my transaction. so marge was stuck. she was pushing buttons on the computer, flipped her light so that she could get some help, and just kind of looked around unknowingly. poor marge. finally the lady from the cafeteria - let's call her pat - came over to help.

**side note - why is the cafeteria opened at 6:15 on black friday morning? are they having a popcorn special that people don't want to miss out on?**

so pat and marge discussed what was happening and pat asked me for my i.d. again. so i gave it to her and she went through the whole process of scanning, swiping, and asking again.
pat looked at my license and asked me, "is your first name erin?"
me - "yes."
pat - "is your last name k***?"
me - "yes...?" can you seriously not see it on my license?
pat - "is your address blah blah blah?"
me - "yes......."

she finally got done with all that and asked me to sign on the credit card thingy again. "it says my transaction is complete. i already swiped my card and signed it," i said. so pat started pushing a bunch of buttons and got stuck again!!!

finally i looked at pat and said "is there no way you can get out of this because i don't want the credit card."
pat - "oh, you don't?"
me - "no!" (laughingly, not rude.)
she pushed some more buttons and after a couple more minutes my receipt finally printed out - my ticket to leave the store! after the 15 minute fiasco i quickly took the receipt, did not even dare to glance at the line behind me, and swiftly got out of the store!

and to think i went back there today...!

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Jessica said...

hehehe this is a funny story! I was wondering who Pat was in your most recent blog! I really need to read the oldest blogs first. I thought, "dang, I hope Pat doesnt read Erin's blog in case she notices Erin was avoiding her." hehe Anyway, I think you are clearly a Target addict!! hehe I am, too, so I try to avoid it but sometimes, it calls my name.