Friday, November 28, 2008

thanksgiving by the numbers

6:30 - the time my alarm went off so i could stick the turkey in the oven before going back to bed.

8 - the number of things i made for dinner.

2.5 - how many hours the turkey had been done by the time we ate.

12 - how many people were at our house throughout the day.

80 - how hot (in farenheit degrees) our house was.

0 - the number of stressful minutes i had during the day! seriously!

240 - minutes spent looking through the black friday ads.

2 - how many hours of sleep i got last night.

6 - hours spent battling the crowds shopping this morning.

14 - the number of items i bought today that i will be returning.

359 - days until we do this all over again!

i must say i had a wonderful thanksgiving day. this is the first year we hosted ben's side of the family. i had dreams that the turkey didn't get done and that we ran out of food. but the reality was that the turkey was done way early (it wasn't dry though, thankfully!) and we had tons of food left over! as i was getting ready for the day i was missing my family and wishing i could be with them. then as everyone showed up i realized i was with my family! i am so blessed to have in-laws that i love and get along with! i had such an enjoyable day with everyone!

we had a relaxed day. we the men watched the football game, we played a couple games, spent hours looking through the ads, and all but two people played guitar hero. by the time everyone left it was the kids' bedtime. sweet quietness!

the past 4 years ben and his brother tommy and a bunch the nephews and family camp out at best buy most of thanksgiving afternoon and through the night. they decided not to do that this year since there were no good deals and they really didn't want anything so instead they went to walmart at midnight to see if they could get anything then or if they had to wait till 5am. by the time ben got home it was after 1am. i was still looking through the ads, then ben started his quest of ordering stuff online. it was 3am when i got to sleep, 4am when ben got to bed, and 5am when my alarm went off. i was out the door by 5:20 and went to target, walmart, kohl's (wow... i'm definitely not a kohl's lover. walked in and out in a matter of 5 minutes!), gordman's, and kmart and was home by 9am. then we all ventured out again at 10! it was so nice to go shopping by myself! the crowds weren't too bad (except at kohl's!) and it was great that the kids were sleeping the whole time so that i didn't feel like i had to hurry home!

i had a tiring but fun day. hopefully by monday i'll be recovered and ready to get back into the groove of things. i hope you all had a fun, safe, and happy thanksgiving!

ben's first time carving a turkey. you did a great job hun!

ben's brother tommy and his daughter kasey.

kasey and her boyfriend josh.

friend casey, ben's mom debbie (yes, playing the drums!) and step dad mike.

debbie and friend jason who is married to casey.

friend casey who is married to jason! :-)

cousins! samantha and niece karma. no, not samantha's niece, our niece! figure this out: karma's dad is tommy and her mom is casey. ;-)

ryan LOVES playing the drums! and doesn't he look soooo cute!


Vijini Streblow said...

wow...sounds like you had fun!!! but you lost me with all the relations and who they are (the ones that I don't know)..

Jessica said...

love all the pics... it's fun to see your other side of your family! looks like tons of fun!