Sunday, September 21, 2008

vocabulary of a 5 year old

samantha has always been a talker. and she has always been smart! but as of lately, she's been making up words that apparently she thinks are real words. i don't know if this is just so that she'll feel older or sound more grown up or what. but it's quite funny some of the things she says. here's some of her made up words and the context in which she used them.

hurtyish. painful. "i'm glad ryan didn't fall down the stairs because that would be hurtyish."

slippyish. liable to cause slipping. "i almost fell because it was a little slippyish."

kindful. kind. "mom you are so kindful to help me!"

make suring. being certain. "i was make suring that there wasn't anything on the stairs.

coolish. pleasantly cool. "i like being over here in the coolish (under the air vent) so i don't get hot in my clothes."

breasttaking. remarkable, astonishing. "isn't that a breasttaking view?" needless to say she was quite embarrassed when i told her what a breast was and that the correct word was breathtaking... lol

unsweetish. not sweet. "eww... this is unsweetish."

agoodness. another way to say 'oh my goodness.'

me - "samantha don't touch that (bowl of spaghettios) because it's hot."

sam - "oh. is it agoodness hot?"

me - "what???"


me - "what does agoodness mean?"

sam - "like, 'oh my goodness that's hot!'"

in addition to her creatively made up words, samantha also gets meanings mixed up every now and then. here's a few examples that i can think of:

a couple weeks ago she was unloading the dishwasher and stated, "wow... the dishes are really familiar." i asked her what familiar means and she said, "just really dry and stuff!"

then one saturday she was a little bored and asked, "mom, can we do school today? 'cause i'm embarassed." so i asked if she meant bored and she said, "oh yea!!! THAT'S what i mean---bored!"

during school last week she was reading her words (she always says what the word means when she reads it) and she read the word "fall." she thought about it for a moment then all of a sudden it hit her and she yelled, "like FALL BALL!!!!! like at daddy's softball games when the guy yells 'fall ball' and they don't get a base hit!!!!!!!!" well at least daddy will be quite happy that she knows what a foul ball is! :-)

needless to say she keeps us entertained by her vocabulary!

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Jessica said...

These are so funny. I can just picture all these little scenarios! I have only met her a few times, but I do remember her being very smart! you should definitely keep writing these words and stories down. i bet she'll appreciate them when she's older!