Wednesday, September 17, 2008

sleepwalkin' samantha?

UPDATED: i asked samantha this morning if she remembered getting up last night, which she didn't. then i proceded to play out what took place and she was just giggling. she doesn't remember a thing!!!


i just had my first encounter with a sleepwalkin' samantha. i was downstairs in the kitchen and heard her get out of bed (which involved a 6 step climb down her ladder) so i went to see what she was doing. she met me at the top of the stairs and i asked her if she needed to go potty.

sam - "no"

me - "why did you get out of bed?"
is she sleepwalking? her eyes are closed, but maybe the light from downstairs is too bright...

sam - "ummmm.... i don't know. i just wanted to tell you that i have enough room."

me - "enough room for what?"

sam - "for the class. there's more room now."

me - "what class?"

sam - "my sparks class..." (motions around her) "..right here"

she had an awful awful night at sparks (kids club at church) tonight. she was crying for most of the time there so i thought maybe she was dreaming about it or needed to talk about it some more. so i sat her on my lap and said
"need to talk about anything?"

sam - "sure!--what?"

me - "are you having any dreams or anything?"

sam - "no... i love you daddy... daddy... dad. dad."

daddy? i knew by now she was surely asleep!

me - "daddy?!?!??? samantha are you sleeping? look at me.." she opened her eyes as i asked her "who am i?"

sam - "mmooooommmmmmyyyy!"

after making sure (or make sure-ing in samantha language---that post to come later) that she was okay and didn't need to talk about any dreams or anything i took her to the bathroom to go potty. i assumed she was awake by now since she had opened her eyes, but when we got in the bathroom she walked over to the towels, not the toilet... so i got her over to the toilet and she pulled up her nightgown and sat on the potty---with her panties still on!!! thankfully i caught it in time and didn't have to clean up a mess! so was she still sleepwalking? i have no idea. can you sleep walk with your eyes open?
she's back in bed and will hopefully be there the rest of the night. although now i'm a little paranoid! :-)


Heather said...

That's hilarious!! I can totally picture her doing that! Have a great day!

A day in the life of the Simmons said...

LOL.. None of my kids have ever walked in their sleep that I am aware of so I don't know if you can do it with your eyes open.

I am sorry she had a bad night at sparks that stinks.

Nicole said...

Yes, you can sleep walk with your eyes open!!! Kaydence sleep walks a lot and isn't it freaky?? She gets up, plays with random toys, says random things, and mostly cries or yells at Kylie. LOL

It's scary. The first time I thought she must be possessed!

Jessica said...

Cute story! I used to sleep walk, too. But mostly because I had night terrors and eventually I'd wake up. I was usually hysterical (as in crying in hysterics) when I slept walk.