Wednesday, August 6, 2008

my abused children: bruised and neglected

last night before bed ryan was sitting by the rocking chair. he either wanted to lay down or crawl, or else he just plain fell over because he hit part of the chair and started screaming. i didn't see what happened because i was sitting in the chair. so i picked him up and searched his head for a bump or red spot but couldn't find anything. then this morning when he got up samantha noticed his eye. poor baby, that must have hurt!!! i guess it's a taste of the bruises to come when he starts walking around!

mom, stop saying "ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." he's fine. :-)

and then there's samantha.... today she was doing her "homework," you know, one of those workbooks you get at the dollar store. i was telling her what she needed to do on each page and then, while i was feeding ryan lunch, she needed help on a page so i told her she'd have to wait. she just stood there for the longest time and when i finally looked at her she looked like she was about to cry so i asked her what was wrong. her lip started quivering and she sobbed, "you never have time for me."

i was thinking what in the world? i NEVER have time for you?!?!? i'm a STAY AT HOME MOM..... my days revolve around you!!!!!

but i just picked her up and cuddled her for a little bit and she told me she was feeling a little bit neglected. i appologized and explained to her that i can't always do things for her right away. so then she was asking me a bunch of questions like, "if i was bleeding, and you were feeding ryan lunch, would i have to wait until he was done with lunch?"
oh where does she come up with some of this stuff!!!

so this afternoon i spent time with her while ryan took a nap and we played a game of copycat (i hope this phase doesn't last too long... i hope this phase doesn't last too long...) that lasted pretty much until bedtime. regardless, i think she was feeling better tonight because she performed a little concert for me before bed. and no, that isn't a bruise on her forehead! just a little leftover cherry cheesecake (although, don't ask me how it got up there...).

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