Wednesday, August 6, 2008

miscelaneous happenings

i haven't posted anything in a while, so here's what's been happening. well, what i remember anyway!

last thursday we went to look at a house ben's gonna be painting. it's 7000 sq. went on forever it seemed!

thursday evening i helped with the clothing givaway at our church. people bring in gently used or new clothes through the week, then we sort them and set them up in the gym. friday night the church gets to come and get clothing, and on saturday it's open to the community. and it's all free. i got a big bag for the kids and one for ben and i as well. it was fun to get some 'new' clothes since it's too hot to go to garage sales down here!

on saturday ben went to a royals game with his brother tommy and his step-dad mike. so while the boys were out in the 100+ degree heat, us girls went to "horton hears a who" at the $2.00 theater. ben's mom, sister, two nieces, samantha, ryan and i went. it was lots of fun and ryan was actually good for his first movie.

on monday night we went to the new chuck e cheese that's going to open next monday. they're training so we got to go and check it out a week early. we spent 4 hours there! i have to say, though, that it's the nicest one we've ever been to!

tuesday night we went to ben's softball game which they won 11-9. it was actually a nice night and wasn't too hot. it was only 90 degrees when we got there!

samantha loved the pink hat daddy got her at the royals game.

ryan and papa mike

samantha was finding a lot of flowers and weeds to pick

heading to the outfield again.... ben's #9

tonight ben got to go to another royals game through work so the kids and i went shopping. other than that it's been pretty uneventful.... finally!

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