Sunday, July 27, 2008

kids fest, collective soul, and kickin it with the fam

we had another busy weekend. i can't wait for them to end! it was fun though. ben's niece, ricci, came over on friday afternoon to spend the weekend with us. we didn't do a whole lot on friday besides play guitar hero, our newest addition to the family. i'm not very good at it, but it's fun and way more addicting than i thought it would be! too bad they didn't have piano hero with a keyboard...!

saturday morning ben had a softball game and the kids and i went to "kid's fest" at a church down the road. they had two fire trucks, an ambulance, the kansas city bomb squad, an armored police truck, two police cars, and a seatbelt convincer. there were also a lot of games and other activities for the kids to do and a free bag of school supplies. the emergency vehicles were pretty cool. the kids got to go in them and look around. the bomb squad had their robot out and were demonstrating it, and samantha got to try on a 50 lb bullet proof vest. ricci and i both tried out the seat belt convincer. it crashes you at 5mph which you wouldn't think it too bad, but it gives you quite a jolt! we were both convinced (although we wear our seatbelts anyway)!! we spent about two hours there. the kids played games, got tattoos, got their faces painted, and a bunch of other stuff!

fire trucks and ambulance

samantha wearing the 50lb bullet proof vest and helment.
ricci was making sure she wasn't going to fall over!
ricci riding the seat belt convincer. i love the look on her face.

patiently waiting for the tattoo to be done.

it was so hot that day... it would've been nice to run through the water!

saturday afternoon we dropped all of the kids off with ben's sister, di, who was going to babysit at our house that night and we headed to a collective soul concert in downtown kansas city. when we got there and parked it started raining. so we waited in the car for a while because we were early and couldn't get in until ben's friend norbert got there. then it started cube sized hail. the wind was so bad it blew garbage cans over and even popped up a flat truck bed topper. all the while we were thinking "THIS IS AN OUTDOOR CONCERT!!!!!!" luckily the rain and hail stopped by the time we needed to meet norbert.

we had to walk down a couple streets to get to the entrance gate so we walked on the sidewalk right by all the tour busses because it wasn't gated off. then we saw this guy that looked just like the lead singer and ben and i were both like oh my goodness that's ed roland.... i said a couple things to him, but we weren't like, "hey you're ed roland" because i guess neither of us wanted to risk being wrong! unfortunately i didn't bring my camera because they said no professional cameras, only small ones. and i didn't think i'd be able to sneak mine in. it's a good thing that i didn't bring it though, because it rained some during the concert!

anyway, the concert was great!! at least the collective soul part. the downside was that we had to stand the whole time on uneven ground, but it was worth it! hana pestil sang first, then CS, then live. CS played for a little over hour. we were bummed that they didn't get to be on longer. we didn't stay for all of live since we don't really know any of their songs, and it was already midnight and di had a 30 minute drive home.

by the time we got home and got in bed it was 2am. i had told the girls that i'd wake them at 9am for church. well i didn't wake up till 9:30 so we missed it this morning. we spent the morning at home, went out for lunch, then went to the kc northern railroad. that seems to be our choice of entertainment this summer because we went there with heather, then with my mom and dad (i'm still working on that post) and then today. and we'll be there again because we have extra tickets! after that we went to di's and hung around there for a while. di and i picked up my nephew, ethan, from work, we had dinner, then i took pictures of my nephew, cameron, tonight with his car. after that we headed home. both of the kids were so tired tonight from this weekend so they went to bed right away.

well today has turned into tomorrow and by the time i get in bed it's gonna be 2am again! goodnight . . .


A day in the life of the Simmons said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! I love the picture of the Fire Truck. What type of Camera do you have?

Jessica said...

I got tired just reading all that stuff you did! haha Sounds like it was a lot of fun though!!