Monday, July 28, 2008

three busy weeks... part 3

time to go back in time again...

the week that mom and dad were here flew by it seemed. we got home at 12:30 the morning of wednesday, july 9th. ben was getting off early from work most days so it was nice that we got to spend time with him during the day. we enjoyed shopping, playing games, and just spending time together. thursday night ben took mom and dad to the auction in the caves, but there was no live auction, just a silent one. i think mom enjoyed seeing the cave that it was in though.

on friday we went to liberty memorial in dowtown kansas city. it is the national world war one memorial. my parents and i had been there a couple years ago but they have a brand new museum now so we decided to go again. it was so neat. if you're ever in kc and have a free day you should check it out. for someone not liking museums or history, i was very impressed. it gave me a whole new appreciation for the men and women who are serving and have served our country. thank you!
the kids were so good. we got there at 11:00 and left after 4:00! it was fun going up in the tower. it's two hundred some feet in the air so it gives you a great view of the city. that night we had smokehouse bbq for dinner. yum! thanks for cooking, dad! :-)

liberty memorial
view from the top of the tower
mom & dad and the kids

saturday we did a lot of shopping while the men stayed home and watched a movie. we ran all around getting food and stuff for ryan's birthday party. sunday we went to church, came home, had lunch, then took mom and dad to the kc northern railroad. ryan was so tired he fell asleep on the train this time. after that we picked up ryan's nemo cake, went home, and got ready for his party.

riding the train
see, i think they enjoyed it because i got a smile out of dad!
did it make you feel like a kid again??

ryan had fun opening his presents. he got lots of nice presents, although he probably liked playing with the tissue paper the most! he didn't really care about his cake. he was trying to pick up the frosting and drop it on the floor, but that didn't work very well. he liked the ice cream way better!

he loves our fishies so much, so we got him a nemo cake
ryan on his new tonka truck
samantha was so excited that she found a frog!

ben had the day off on monday, so we all went to loose park in the morning. it would've been great if i would've thought of bringing a picnic lunch. it was a beautiful day. all the roses were blooming and it wasn't too hot! after we got home the kids had a nap, mom and i went shopping, and then ben grilled steaks for dinner.

loose park

i love this pic of my parents
samantha in front of a sycamore tree

the flowers were beautiful... were the trees!
mom and dad left early tuesday morning. ben had tuesday off too so it was fun to spend time together with him and the kids.

well now we're up to date! hopefully no more time travel for a while!

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Heather said...

i love the liberty memorial picture! way cool. i thought all the roses were done blooming when i was there....must be late bloomers--literally! :) cool pics!