Friday, July 25, 2008

deep fried waffles???

this morning i woke up to ben making waffles. they were sooooo good. what a treat to have real waffles instead of the frozen eggo ones. (which i have to say are good when you want a waffle without the mess!)

we were sitting there enjoying our waffles and getting full by the bite. ben said that we could put the leftover ones in the fridge and samantha asked why. so ben told her that we could have some tomorrow. then she said, "yeah, we could put them in the deep fryer!"

i don't know about you, but eewwwwwww.........!


Jessica said...

They might have those at the CA state fair. They have weird things like that there... even chicken sandwiches made with doughnuts instead of the bun... ewww! But the deep fried waffles might be a big hit at a fair! Samantha could be on to something here... after all, she IS the SMARTEST!!! =)

ben and erin... said...

i think i'd rather have a deep fried waffle than a donut and chicken sandwich....YUCK!!