Tuesday, June 22, 2010

mama [never] said there'll be days like this

let's just get right to the point—today is all about pre-menstrual syndrome. [if you're an uncomfortable male reading this, you have my permission to leave—i won't judge. however, if you're a woman and leave? i WILL be mad!]

anyway, i'm currently doing a beth moore Bible study, and one thing she said a couple weeks ago hit me (in my own words, of course. i'm a mom—my memory is shot.): women have a week of pre-menstrual syndrome, a week of menstrual syndrome, and a week of post-menstrual syndrome. that leaves ONE good week out of the month. and if you have daughters? you can kiss that one week goodbye.

now my mom never told me there'd be days like this. especially the days when i could wring my daughter's neck. and she certainly never displayed days like this. i mean really—my mom had THREE girls, and i only have one. and i don't think she ever got nearly as peeved with me and my sisters like i can get with samantha.

forget all other symptoms, it's my MOOD that wacks me out. it creeps up slowly. day one i start getting a little annoyed with the kids. the next day i start losing a little more patience. day three i start getting snippy. and the morning of day four? i warn samantha that "today it will be really easy for you to get in trouble." and she heeds my warning. it's like she knows exactly what i'm talking about.

i don't know what it is, but ryan could be horrible. he could throw a fit, color on the walls, etc., and i probably wouldn't be as mad at him as i would be with samantha if she gave me a funny look.

now if she's only 6 years old and can get under my skin this much, what's it gonna be like when she's 16?! maybe this is why my freezer is plumb full of ice cream. thankfully i—no wait—my kids only suffer two days of this mood and not a week.

help me out here, ladies. surely i'm not the only one with this problem—how do you cope with your children (and hubby) when you're pmsy? moms of teenagers, is there hope for me?! now for that ice cream...


Ace said...

1. Love the new look!
2. Right there with ya. It's so tough to remain calm sometimes. And now that Peanut has joined the club? No fun. She's still skipping a couple months at a time as her body gets used to it, but she usually starts right along with me. This is her first year and I'm pretty sure we've made each other cry at least twice.

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Hey! You redesigned! Fun, fun!

I have had AWFUL PMS for the last several days - except I'm post-menstrual. I should NOT be so darned cranky! So no, I have no tips or advice or encouragement. I do, however, have ice cream at my house, too - just in case you run out. :)