Friday, June 11, 2010

flippin' funny


i love my flip. if it weren't for this tiny, convenient camera, i would probably have no video of my adorable kids. and their silly, yet cute father. i think the thing i love the most about it, is that i've been able to capture footage that would otherwise be lost, had i been required to drag out the actual gigantic* video camera, turn it on just to realize that there's no tape left and only 3 minutes of battery remaining.

[*gigantic shmigantic. remember the days of the monstrous camcorders that you'd have to lug around on your shoulder and look through the little eye piece?? yeah, i thought i was so cool videoing with that.]

anyway, i've caught a few humorous things on video. and i think it's only appropriate that i debut my husband first. (sound is kinda low. turn up your speakers!)

did you catch that last one? he can play songs on his mouth. (he can actually play songs on his teeth, too.) and here to prove it—playing the chicken dance song—my talented husband, ben.

what are your hidden talents? (my talent will be keeping my husband from killing me after he realizes that i posted this...!)


Heather said...

awww.... come on. i was hoping for the tarzan boy video!!! very nice, ben!

Ace said...

Fun! I think that's the most we've ever seen of him on here!

Sadly we don't use our Flip half as much as we thought we would. We paid more for the HD one because we wanted to be able to plug it in the TV and watch and we can't do that!

Nicole said...

Haha! Great videos, thanks for sharing!

Laura Weimer said...

My husband can make EPIC retching sounds that are almost enough to make me lose my lunch- using only a disposable plastic cup. It's "awesome".

Emily said...

I SO want that camera! Lucky you!