Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween

we don't celebrate halloween. we don't go out trick or treating, and we don't dress up. (go ahead and judge, because i don't have time to explain why right now.) we do hand out candy though, as you should very well know...

but this year i changed my mind.

some people dress up. some people dress up their kids. some people dress up their dogs. but me? i decided to dress up my house! and this year, my house is gonna be a dirty, messy house for halloween.

that's right. i made sure the beds weren't made, the carpets were dirty, the bathrooms far from sparkling, and the dishes unwashed. i went the extra mile to make sure there was dust on every flat surface, used diapers rolled up on the the living room floor, sticky spilled soda spots in the kitchen, and even an unusual stench coming from somewhere.

and the 2 liter of root beer i just emptied into my cup? my better judgement told me to just leave it on the counter instead of throwing it in the nearby garbage can.

and the bad part?! my house actually doesn't look as bad as it has in the recent weeks!

maybe next year i'll try to dress it up as a clean and tidy house—whatever THAT is!


Heather said...

oh, honey. i must say that your house is beautiful. i'm watching "clean house" right now, and you seriously can't see the walls or the floor in ANY room of the house. :) so don't beat yourself up over a 2 liter bottle on the counter. love ya!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I love the idea! I'd show mine, but it is even more dressed up than yours!