Thursday, July 9, 2009

i champion cheap shoes. and target clearance.

call me frugal, call me penny-pinching, call me an uncommon woman, but i like me some cheap shoes. so of course a few months ago i found it hard to breath when i bought my $60 tennis shoes. and they were on sale. and i even had a $10 off coupon--i only paid $40 for my shoes and it was heart-wrenching to me!! don't get me wrong here. i LOVE spending money. just not on shoes. so my $40 shoes stay inside the house. they are for treadmill use only. never have i worn them outside.

so i had a dilemma: we are going camping for a week. and we take lots of walks while camping. and i don't like taking lots of walks in flippy-flops. so with our trip quickly approaching i needed to find a cheap pair of walking shoes for outdoor use and today it was my goal to find some inexpensive ones. i had already looked at *cough* walmart, but didn't remotely like any of the ones there. so next up was payless. i browsed through the aisle holding my shoe size and didn't really find a price i liked. yes, $24.99 was way too much to spend on camping shoes. i figured i would have to return to walmart and buy the $13 butt-ugly, probably-hurt-like-crap, and will-fall-apart-in-no-time tennis shoes.

but right at that moment the angels sang and a bright light burst forth from a box on the bottom shelf. could it be true?? was i really seeing a $10 sticker on the box?!? i enthusiasically tried on the shoes. they fit great and felt even better! and here's the kicker: they're pink!!

i left the store splendidly happy that i got a $35 pair of shoes for $10!! thank you God!

(now do you get my pun on the title?! hehe!)

then i headed next door to target, where i got another cheap pair of flippy-flops, clearance shoes for samantha, and best of all a cute clearance bra and panties. and no, i won't post a picture of that. you're welcome, dad!

so this is my thankful thursday: good deals and money saved--so that i can go spend it on something else!

what are you thankful for today?


Sonya said...

Score!!! I love getting a great deal like that!!

Sonya said...

I nominated you for an Honest Scrap award! If you would like to participate you can check out my blog :)

Ace said...

I love a good deal!

Heather said...

oh my goodness... i think i've tried on those shoes. i almost got them too! :)

Midwest Mommy said...

Um awesome deal!!!

Jess(ica) said...

Awesome find! And way cool that they are pink! =)